50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With P: Cultivate Your Heritage

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Choosing a name for your baby is no small task—it’s a word that will follow them through life, shaping their identity. Our list of “50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With P” offers a rich tapestry of choices, each brimming with cultural richness and a unique melody.

Notable People With Baby Boy Names Starting With P

There is a wealth of notable figures bearing African names starting with P. For instance, the renowned athlete, Pele, whose name resonates with strength and agility. Or the celebrated Nigerian writer, Pius Adesanmi, whose name echoes intelligence and creativity. Our list is filled with such names laden with aspiration and historical importance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PakiPakhi, PakeeWitness
PanyaPanaya, PaniyaMouse
PiliPeeli, PileeSecond born
PendaPendah, PendarLove
PonoPonoh, PonoeGoodness, uprightness
PiliPeeli, PileeOne who is close
PembaPembar, PembeeThe name of an island
PendoPendoh, PendoeLove
PakaPakar, PakeeCat
PawlPahl, PahlSmall
PimbiPimbie, PimbeeHyrax
PesaPesah, PesaeMoney
PolePol, PolaSorry
PotoPotor, PotoeWar
PanyaPanyah, PanyaeRat, mouse
PepoPepoh, PepoeGhost, spirit
PendaPendah, PendaeLove in Swahili
PauloPauloh, PauloeSmall
PumbuPumbuh, PumbuePumpkin
PembePember, PembeeHorn, fang
ParisPariss, ParihsFrom Paris
PaluPaluh, PaluuEagle
PesaPesah, PesaeMoney
PanuaPanuah, PanuaeExpand
PawaPawah, PawaiPower
PapaiPapaie, PapayPope
PakiaPakiah, PakiaeWitness
PanoPanoh, PanoeScreen
PetuPetuh, PetueFirst
PajiPajie, PajyShield
PapoPapoh, PapoeTalk
PigaPigah, PigaiHit
PesaPesah, PesaeMoney
PikaPikah, PikaiCook
PipiPipie, PipiyCheeks
PomoPomoh, PomoeBomb
PiaPiah, PiaeAgain
PundaPundah, PundaeDonkey
PagiPagie, PagiMorning
PiliPilie, PilyChoose
PajiPajie, PajyShield
PangaPangah, PangaeMachete
PotePotae, PoteyContainer
PembaPember, PembaeFrom Pemba
PandaPandar, PandaeIncrease
PapoPapor, PapoeFast
PinduPindue, PinduhDung beetle
PitaPitah, PitaeAsk
PamaPamar, PamaeStop
PumuPumuh, PumueSilence

Thank you for joining us in exploring these enchanting 50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With P. We hope it has sparked your imagination and guided you towards your perfect choice. Be sure to check out our other baby name idea lists on our site for more inspiration – your baby’s perfect name may be just a click away!

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