50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With P: Exotic & Inspiring

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As your excitement grows with the pregnancy, so does the quest for that perfect name. Welcome to our thoughtfully curated list of 50 African baby girl names starting with P, a treasure trove of powerful and meaningful names for your little one.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Pioneering stars like Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, a South African activist for women’s rights, and Princess ‘P’ Anisia, a captivating African-American singer, wear their names like crowns. These figures illuminate the strength, wisdom, and beauty of African names starting with P.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PalesaPalesah, PalisaFlower in Sotho
2. PediPeddie, PedyFrom the Pedi people in South Africa
3. PembaPembahDove, symbol of peace in Swahili
4. PepukaiPepukaye, PepokayPray in Shona
5. PiliPilee, PeleeSecond-born twin in Swahili
6. PolenaPolenah, PolinaHappiness in Tsonga
7. PutsoaPutsua, PutsowaRain in Sesotho
8. PumlaPumlah, PoomlaRest in Zulu
9. PendoPendoh, PinduLove in Swahili
10. PhindiwePhinduwe, PhindiwaRestored in Xhosa
11. PrimrosePrima, PrimmieFirst rose
12. PritikaPritikah, PreetikaLoved one in Swahili
13. PakaPakah, PaakaCat in Swahili
14. PengaPengah, PengeAdorn in Swahili
15. PamodziPamodzi, PamodzieTogether in Nyanja
16. PanashePanashee, PanashaGod is with us in Shona
17. PamwambaPamwambaa, PamvambaBorn in the clouds in Chewa
18. PashanaPashanah, PashannaFragrance, herbs in Shona
19. PetroniaPetroniah, PetronyaResilient in Latin
20. PakiPakie, PakyWitness in Sesotho
21. PhumezaPhumezah, PhumejhaSend in Xhosa
22. PhumlaPhumlah, PhoomlaTake rest in Zulu
23. PhomelloPhomelo, PhomelelloReward in Sotho
24. PataniPatany, PataneAsk in Xhosa
25. PashiPashie, PashyPass by in Swahili
26. PuchiPuchie, PucheePet in Swahili
27. PunyaPunyah, PuniaVirtuous in Swahili
28. PaniPanee, PanyeFull in Swahili
29. PhakamaPhakamah, PhakammaArise in Zulu
30. PiaPie, PyaCome in Swahili
31. PalesaPalesah, PalessaFlower in Sotho
32. PendoPendoh, PendyoLove in Swahili
33. PezulaPezulah, PezuloForward in Zulu
34. PekiPekie, PekyExamine in Swahili
35. PiliPilie, PileeSecond in Swahili
36. PoniPonie, PonySee in Shona
37. PanyinPanyine, PanyinnElder in Akan
38. PabiPabie, PabbiAdmired in Sotho
39. PataniPatanie, PataneeAsk in Xhosa
40. PumelaPumelah, PoomelaBelieve in Xhosa
41. PakamaPakamah, PakamaaEmerge in Xhosa
42. PulengPulenge, PulangIn the rain in Sotho
43. PhephisaPhephisah, PhephissaHeal in Zulu
44. PesikaPesikah, PessikaShine in Swahili
45. PhawulaPhawulah, PhawullaDivide in Zulu
46. PenuelPenuell, PenuelleFace of God in Hebrew
47. PalesaPalessa, PalisaBlossom in Sotho
48. PhakamaPhakkam, PhakammaRise in Zulu
49. PhezulaPhezulah, PhesulaAbove in Zulu
50. PelekaPelekah, PeleckaSend in Swahili

That rounds out our list of 50 African baby girl names starting with P. Thanks for joining us on this cultural journey. We hope these names have inspired you and ignited the excitement of naming your baby. Don’t forget, we have plenty more name idea lists waiting for you in our corner of the web!

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