50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With E: Choosing a Name With a Story

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Choosing your baby’s name is like weaving a magical tale, where every alphabet carries a story. Dive into our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With E and let your baby’s name sing tales of a rich heritage and profound strength.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Among the inspiring personalities, the Grammy-winning rapper Eve stands out. Born in Philadelphia, Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper is a testament to the charm and power of African Baby Girl Names starting with E. Her name, of Hebrew and African origins, sings tales of life and living.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EbeleEbelechi, EbelenaMercy, Kindness (Igbo)
EsheEshel, EshelaLife (Swahili)
EniolaEniolami, EnioluwaWealthy person (Yoruba)
EbunEbunoluwa, EbunifeGift (Yoruba)
EfiaEfie, EfiyaBorn on Friday (Akan)
EsiEsiako, EsikaBorn on Sunday (Akan)
EkuaEkuah, EkuamBorn on Wednesday (Akan)
ElomElombe, ElommaGod loves me (Ewe)
EtanaEtanah, EtaneStrength, Dedication (Amharic)
EmanEmani, EmanieFaith (Arabic, widely used in North Africa)
EsanEsana, EsaneRemembrance (Yoruba)
EkeneEkenedilichukwu, EkenemPraise, Thanks (Igbo)
ElikemElikembe, ElikemeGod loves me (Ewe)
EtinosaEtinosah, EtinosayThe strength of God (Edo)
EmemEmeme, EmemaPeace (Ibibio)
EfemenaEfemenarhoro, EfemenayaWealth is good (Urhobo)
EghosaEghosarhoro, EghosayemwenGod’s time is the best (Edo)
EjiroEjiroghene, EjiroedafePraise God (Urhobo)
EfeEfeose, EfemwenLove (Urhobo)
EmikeEmikerhobo, EmikemeGod’s blessings (Edo)
EsoheEsoheghene, EsoheosaGod’s gift (Edo)
EwuramaEwuramah, EwurameMercy of God (Akan)
EuderaEuderah, EudereHeart’s wealth (Igbo)
EnimisiEnimisire, EnimisieIn God’s faith (Yoruba)
EnvieEnviel, EnvienMy mother is good (Ibibio)
EyitemiEyitemilola, EyitemiwaMy life is precious (Yoruba)
EmieneEmienemfon, EmienemowaraGod gives me joy (Ibibio)
Eyo-ObongEyoobong, Eyo-obongGod’s thought (Efik)
ErimmaErimmachukwu, ErimmaanyaBeautiful woman (Igbo)
EfuruEfurenma, EfuruchukwuLight from heaven (Igbo)
EzinwaEzinwanyi, EzinwammaGood child (Igbo)
EdidemEdidemudia, EdidemfonMy love (Efik)
EkaetteEkaetta, EkaetteabasiFirst girl child (Efik)
EkaedemeEkaedemebong, EkaedemeunamFirst daughter of the family (Ibibio)
EbereEberechukwu, EberechiMercy, Compassion (Igbo)
EkundayoEkundayomi, EkundayotimiSorrow becomes joy (Yoruba)
EwatomiEwatomilola, EwatomilayoBeauty is enough for me (Yoruba)
ErioluwaErioluwaifunaya, ErioluwasemiloreProof of God’s gift (Yoruba)
EwaoluwaEwaoluwasemilore, EwaoluwayimikaBeauty of God (Yoruba)
EbelechukwuEbelechukwukasiemobi, EbelechukwumankasiGod’s mercy is great (Igbo)
EkpereamakaEkpereamakachukwu, EkpereamakajiwomPrayer is beautiful (Igbo)
EchezonachukwuEchezonachukwukasiobi, EchezonachukwunazaDon’t forget God (Igbo)
EkenedilichukwuEkenedilichukwukasiemobi, EkenedilichukwumankasiThanks to God (Igbo)
EkeminiEkeminiabasi, EkeminimfonDo not argue with God (Efik)
EtebongEtebongabasi, EtebongenyinGod’s promise (Efik)
EmemabasiEmemabasiobong, EmemabasibongPeace of God (Ibibio)
EnobongEnobongabasi, EnobongenyinGod’s gift (Ibibio)
EkaobongEkaobongabasi, EkaobongenyinFirst gift of God (Ibibio)
Eti-InyeneEti-Inyeneabasi, Eti-InyeneenyinGod’s remembrance (Ibibio)
EkongabasiEkongabasiobong, EkongabasibonWar of God (Efik)

Thank you for embarking on this beautiful journey through our list of 50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With E. Every name tells a story, and we hope you found a name that resonates with the special tale you want your little one to carry. Don’t hesitate to explore more of our baby name idea lists on our site, and let the magic of names continue to inspire you.

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