50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With F for Your Little Princess

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Hey there, lovely mom-to-be! We know picking a name for your little one is a wonderful yet daunting task. To help you along, we’ve curated a list of 50 African baby girl names beginning with F, each brimming with meaning and charm.

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Famous figures like Femi Emiola, the Nigerian-American actress, and Fatima Robinson, the renowned choreographer, carry African baby girl names starting with F. Their accomplishments and influence stand testament to these powerful names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. FolaFolake, Folami“Honor”
2. FatimaFatimah, Fatma“The one who abstains”
3. FemiFemie, Femia“Love me”
4. FolamiFolamie, Fola“Respect and honor me”
5. FunanyaFunania, Funaye“Love”
6. FadekeFada, Fade“Crown her with precious things”
7. FanakaFanakie, Fanakaia“Prosperity”
8. FurahaFurah, Furahi“Happiness”
9. FaresaFaresah, Farese“Chief or head”
10. FaridaFaridah, Farid“Unique, matchless”
11. FayoFayoe, Fayoa“Warmth from the sun”
12. FifiFifie, Fify“Beautiful”
13. FayolaFayolah, Fayole“Walk with honor”
14. FumbeFumbee, Fumby“Clan totem”
15. FaraiFari, Farie“Rejoice”
16. FolaFolah, Folar“Gain honor”
17. FunmiFunmie, Funmee“Gift me with love”
18. FeruziFeruzia, Feruzee“Turquoise”
19. FudiaFudiya, Fudiah“Silver”
20. FadilaFadilah, Fadile“Virtuous, superior”
21. FalalaFalalaa, Falale“Born into abundance”
22. FundaFundaa, Fundae“Teacher”
23. FalalaFalalaia, Falalah“Abundance”
24. FurahaFurah, Fuharah“Delight”
25. FathiyaFathia, Fathiah“Victorious”
26. FizaFizah, Fizaa“Breeze”
27. FaizaFaizah, Faeza“Victorious, successful”
28. FaheemaFaheemah, Fahima“Intelligent, wise”
29. FikirteFikirti, Fikiry“She that has been loved”
30. FolaFolia, Folea“Honor”
31. FauziaFauziah, Fauzya“Successful”
32. FariFaria, Fariha“Cheerful, joyful”
33. FaziaFaziah, Faza“Successful”
34. FaresaFaresah, Farisah“Leader”
35. FayolaFayolah, Fayol“Honor”
36. FikirFikire, Fikira“Love, thought”
37. FolaFoli, Foliya“Rich with honor”
38. FantaFantah, Fanty“Beautiful day”
39. FayolaFayol, Fayolaya“Good fortune walks with honor”
40. FadumaFadumah, Fadum“To wean, abstainer”
41. FumbiFumbee, Fumby“Free”
42. FunsaniFunsanie, Funsany“Request”
43. FolaFolai, Folah“Honor”
44. FulaniFulan, Fulanie“Wanderer, traveler”
45. FatimahFatima, Fatma“Daughter of the Prophet, abstainer”
46. FadhilaFadhilah, Fadhile“Virtuous, superior”
47. FikirteFikirt, Fikirti“Love”
48. FantaFantah, Fantie“Good fortune”
49. FolasadeFolasadie, Folasady“Honor confers your crown”
50. FeyisaraFeyisarah, Feyisare“Use this wealth for enjoyment”

Whew! That was a delightful journey through 50 African Baby Girl names starting with F, wasn’t it? We hope you found inspiration in these unique and meaningful names. Stay tuned to our site for more baby name ideas and make the act of naming your little one as special as it can be. Thank you for being with us, and happy name hunting!

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