50 African Baby Boy Names Starting With E: Originality Meets Tradition

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Hey there, mom-to-be! Ready to embark on the fascinating journey of choosing a name for your little champ? Our handpicked collection of 50 African baby boy names starting with ‘E’ brings to you a mix of uniqueness and tradition, rich in meaning and cultural significance. It’s time to find that special name that will make your heart skip a beat!

Notable People With African Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Names define us in many ways and some individuals indeed make their names remarkable. For instance, Emeka Okafor, an accomplished American NBA player, has roots tracing back to Nigeria. His name ‘Emeka,’ means ‘Great deeds’ in Igbo, a major language of Nigeria. Another influential name is ‘Ephraim,’ of Jewish-African origin, carried by Ephraim Isaac, a notable Ethiopian-American scholar.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EmekaEmeka, Emekah“Great deeds”
EkundayoEkundayo, Ekondayo“Sorrow becomes joy”
EzeEze, Ezie“King”
EfosaEfosa, Efusah“Wealth from the gods”
EnitanEnitan, Enytan“Person of story”
EkonEkon, Ekun“Strong”
EboEbo, Ebow“Born on Tuesday”
EkwuemeEkwueme, Ekwyeme“He does what he says”
EfeEfe, Efey“Love”
EniolaEniola, Eniolah“Wealthy person”
EdetEdet, Edeta“Free man”
EghosaEghosa, Eghosah“God’s gift”
EkeneEkene, Ekena“One who gives thanks”
EnuEnu, Enuh“Fifth born”
EzeuduEzeudu, Ezehudu“King of light”
ElomElom, Elome“God loves me”
EbukaEbuka, Ebukah“Great is God”
EmemEmem, Emema“Peace”
EkpeEkpe, Ekpa“To live long”
EgbeEgbe, Egby“Parrot”
ElikemElikem, Ellykem“God is with me”
ElohorElohor, Elohore“God’s gift”
EmenikeEmenike, Emenyke“God’s does not retreat”
EbbeEbbe, Ebbi“West African name meaning ‘famous'”
ErioluwaErioluwa, Eryoluwa“Testimony of God”
EjaifeEjaife, Ejayfe“Life is good”
EjinwaEjinwa, Ejiinwa“Elephant child”
EdialeEdiale, Edyale“Protector of the house”
EniEni, Eny“Fifth born”
EruemulorEruemulor, Eruemolor“God is great”
EbunEbun, Ebhun“Gift”
EkongEkong, Ekung“War”
EdidiongEdidiong, Edydiong“Blessing”
EkpereamakaEkpereamaka, Ekperemaka“Prayer is good”
EwekaEweka, Ewekah“One who possesses character”
EmamnuelEmmanuel, Emamnuel“God is with us”
EkundayoEkunday, Ekundah“Turns pain into joy”
EfeosaEfeosa, Efeyosa“Love’s gift from God”
EnduranceEndurance, Endurans“Patience”
EmediongEmediong, Emedyong“One who is rewarded by God”
EzenwaEzenwa, Ezenwah“The king is a child”
EtieneEtiene, Etien“Praise”
EmuobosaEmuobosa, Emuobosah“God’s trust”
EwaenEwaen, Ewaehn“The day is good”
EsangbedoEsangbedo, Esangbedoh“No hiding place for a witch”
EnoghayinEnoghayin, Enoghayihn“Life is sweet”
EtiosaEtiosa, Etiosah“God’s gift”
EkakEkak, Ekahk“Strong”
EferogheneEferoghene, Eferogen“God’s will”
EjirogheneEjiroghene, Ejiroghen“Praise God”
EliliElili, Eliley“Beautiful”

Thank you for exploring our curated list of 50 African baby boy names starting with E. We hope this has brought you a step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. The journey of parenthood is filled with countless joyous moments, and choosing a name is just the beginning! Feel free to explore more baby name ideas on our site. After all, the perfect name might just be a click away

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