Stand Out With 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

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Choosing the perfect name for your little princess is both an exciting and significant task. This list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with Z will make your task joyful and memorable, offering a wealth of inspiration and beautiful meanings to consider.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

You might be surprised how many notable figures have Afghan baby girl names starting with Z. For instance, Zohra Sehgal, an acclaimed Indian actress, and Zarghuna Kargar, a renowned Afghan-British journalist, both share this beautiful initial, paving the way for your little one to possibly join this noteworthy list one day.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZahraZahara, ZaraBright, shining
ZalmaiZalmayYoung, youthful
ZarinaZareen, ZerenaGolden
ZebaZiba, ZeibaBeautiful
ZohraZohrah, ZoraVenus, beauty
ZibaZibah, ZeebaBeautiful
ZamzamZamzama, ZammzamSacred water
ZargulZargula, ZarguleFlower of gold
ZohalZohele, ZohaelSaturn
ZalaZalah, ZallaBeauty, prettiness
ZarlashtZarlashta, ZarlashtahBrightest part of the sun
ZarnigarZarnegarAdorned with gold
ZalaalZalal, ZalallDignified, respected
ZenatZeenat, ZinatDecoration, beauty
ZiaratZeyarat, ZeyaraatSacred place for visit
ZumarZumarr, ZoumarBright, shining
ZohakZohek, ZohackA character in Shahnameh
ZamoraZamorah, ZammoraPraised
ZaryabZariyab, ZaryabbRich, wealthy
ZhanwarZhanwaar, ZhanvarSun
ZameenaZamena, ZaminahSecurities
ZanhiaZanhiya, ZanhyaRespects oneself
ZarnishZarnishe, ZarnyshFlower
ZohuraZohurah, ZooraBeauty
ZulekhaZulekhaa, ZuleikaBeautiful
ZubaidaZubaidah, ZobaidaCream of the crop
ZobiaZobya, ZobyahGift from God
ZibyaZibia, ZibiahGazelle
ZakiaZakiya, ZakiahPure, chaste
ZainaZayna, ZainahBeautiful
ZiaranZiarann, ZiaraneShining, sparkling
ZohalhaZohalhaa, ZohaalhaSaturn’s Daughter
ZainabZaynab, ZainabbFragrant plant
ZanbilZanbill, ZanbeelBasket
ZishanZishann, ZeeshaanPeaceful
ZaytoonZaitoon, ZaytunOlive
ZarinZaryn, ZarinneGolden
ZenevievaZeneveva, ZeneveevaWhite wave
ZahidaZahidah, ZahydaAscetic, devotee
ZelinaZelinna, ZelinahSunshine
ZuhraZuhrah, ZuharaVenus
ZubaidahZubaydah, ZoubaidahElite
ZanetaZanetah, ZanettaGrace of God
ZafarZafarr, ZaffarVictory
ZaraZarah, ZaaraFlower
ZaynahZayna, ZainahBeautiful
ZaidaZaidah, ZaydaProsperous
ZanaZanah, ZaanaGreek Goddess of darkness
ZubinaZubeena, ZoubinaGift

We hope you’ve found inspiration in our carefully curated list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with Z. Each name carries a unique story, waiting to be part of your baby’s identity. Thank you for joining us in this exciting journey of name discovery. We invite you to explore more baby name ideas on our site and continue the remarkable adventure of naming your little one.

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