Cultural Roots & Modern Appeal: 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

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Finding the perfect baby name can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But here’s your golden needle: 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with Z that are both beautiful and meaningful. Let’s unravel tradition and uniqueness together, one name at a time!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

It’s inspiring to see influential individuals bearing these unique names. Zabihullah Mujahid, for instance, is a well-known Afghan journalist. Zalmay Khalilzad, a diplomat who served as a US Ambassador to the UN, is another brilliant example. Their profound impact amplifies the charm of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZahidZayhid, ZahedSelf-denying or Ascetic
ZaheerZahir, ZahyrSupporter, Ally
ZahirZahyr, ZahireShining, Radiant
ZaidZayd, ZaideGrowth, Increase
ZainZayn, ZayneBeauty, Grace
ZaimZaime, ZaymLeader, Chief
ZakirZakeer, ZakyrRemembering, Grateful
ZamirZameer, ZamyreHeart, Mind
ZarifZareef, ZarifeElegant, Witty
ZaviyarZavyar, ZaviourBrave
ZebZebb, ZebeBeauty, Decoration
ZhalilZaleel, ZhaleelDignified, Respected
ZiyaZiyaa, ZiyyaLight, Splendour
ZohaibZoheb, ZohaybOcean of Knowledge
ZuberZouber, ZoubirStrong
ZuhairZohair, ZuheirLittle Flower
ZulfiqarZulfikar, ZulfiqaarCleaver of the Spine
ZumarZumarr, ZoumarBright, Shiny
ZunairZuneer, ZunayrLight of the Moon
ZafarZaphar, ZaferVictory
ZaimZaym, ZayimLeader
ZiyadZiyade, ZeyadTo Increase
ZubinZoubeen, ZubynSmart
ZohaibZohayb, ZohebLeader, King
ZouhirZuhayr, ZohirBright, Shining
ZulaykhaZulaykhaa, ZulaykheBrilliant beauty
ZamanZamaan, ZamannTime, Destiny
ZahranZahrran, ZahraanBlossoming, Shining
ZeidZaid, ZeedIncrease, Growth
ZulfaqarZulfeqar, ZulfaquarSword
ZabirZabeer, ZabyrThe person who have religious
ZulfikarZulphikar, ZulfiqarSword, Defender
ZubairZubayr, ZoubaireStrong, Firm
ZeeshanZishan, ZeshanHigh Standard
ZameerZameir, ZamyreMind, Heart
ZaimuddinZaimuddeen, ZaymudinLeader of the faith
ZinuddinZinuddeen, ZynudinBeauty of the religion
ZafiruddinZaffiruddeen, ZafirudinSuccessful person in the religion
ZuhayrZuheyr, ZohayrBright, Shining
ZiaurZia-ur, ZiyaurLight of
ZulnoonZulnun, ZulnooneThe whale of the sea
ZiaulhaqZia-ul-haq, ZiyaulhaqLight of the truth
ZubaidZubayd, ZoubaidePure
ZyadZiade, ZyadeA large amount
ZayyanZaiyan, ZayanBeautiful
ZhianZhean, ZhiyanBe bright, shine
ZuhairZuheyre, ZuhayreLittle flower
ZayedZayyed, ZayadGrowth, Progress
ZughaibZughayb, ZoghaibGold

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with Z. The quest for the ideal baby name is indeed an exciting journey. Feel free to dive into our range of baby name idea lists for more inspiration. Your baby’s perfect name is just a click away!

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