50 African Baby Girl Names Starting With A: Embrace Tradition

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Hey there, mom-to-be! We know picking a name for your little princess is a monumental task. Let’s make it fun and meaningful with 50 African baby girl names starting with A, full of elegance, culture, and charm. Ready to dive in?

Notable People With African Baby Girl Names Starting With A

From accomplished artist Aaliyah to the brilliant scholar and author, Amina Wadud, names starting with ‘A’ have graced many inspiring African women. Naming your baby girl after these iconic figures could be the first step on her journey to greatness!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AaliyahAaliya, Aleah“Exalted, high”
AbenaAbina, Abana“Born on Tuesday”
AdaezeAdaize, Adayzeh“The king’s daughter”
AdamaAdamma, Addama“Beautiful child”
AfiaAfiah, Afeah“Born on Friday”
AishaAysha, Ayesha“Living, prosperous”
AkuaAkuah, Akwah“Born on Wednesday”
AmaAmah, Aima“Born on Saturday”
AmaraAmarra, Amarah“Grace”
AminaAmena, Ameena“Trustful, honest”
AmmaAmmah, Ammah“Servant”
AnayaAnayah, Aneya“God answers”
AshaAshah, Ascha“Life”
AyanaAyanna, Ayane“Beautiful flower”
AzizaAzeza, Azizah“Precious, cherished”
AbiriAbiry, Abery“My father is a gift”
AdaobiAdauby, Adobee“First daughter in the family compound”
AdilaAdela, Adilah“Just, fair”
AfiyaAfea, Afiyah“Good health”
AkiliAkilie, Akelee“Wisdom, intellect”
AminaAmeena, Amynah“Truthful, trustworthy”
AmiraAmeera, Amera“Princess, leader”
AziboAzebo, Azebow“The whole earth”
AneesaAneesah, Aneisa“Companion, friendly”
AnikaAnneka, Aneeka“Sweet-faced”
AsisAsys, Aces“Sun”
AzaAzza, Azah“Powerful”
AlunaAlunah, Alouna“To come forth”
AmenetAminet, Amenit“The hidden one”
AmahleAmahley, Amahlee“The beautiful ones”
AsaniAsaani, Asaney“Rebellious”
AkachiAkachee, Akachie“The hand of God”
AyoAyoh, Ayoe“Joy”
AshantiAshantee, Ashantie“African tribe name”
AmareAmari, Amarre“One who builds”
AtupeleAtupelle, Atupelie“One who is followed”
AdwoaAdowah, Adowa“Born on Monday”
AlishbaAleeshba, Alushba“Pure, kind”
AzmeraAzmerra, Azmirah“Harvest”
AlmazAlmazz, Almazze“Diamond”
AidaAidah, Ayda“Reward, present”
AblaAblah, Ablaa“Full-figured”
AdeolaAdiola, Adeolah“Crown of wealth”
AsaaseAsase, Asasie“Mother Earth”
AizzaAizah, Aizza“Life”
AkosuaAkosuah, Akoosua“Born on Sunday”
AyizeAyizee, Ayizze“Let it come”

Thanks for joining us in exploring these 50 African baby girl names starting with A. Hopefully, you’ve found a name that resonates with your heart. Remember, this is just the beginning! We’ve got countless other creative and heartwarming baby name ideas waiting for you on our site. So continue your journey and let the name choosing adventure continue. Happy naming!

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