50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With V: Discover their Meanings

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As an expecting mom, choosing a name for your baby girl is one of the most exciting parts of the journey to motherhood. Dive into our curated list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with V, filled with unique and beautiful options for your little one.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Although Afghan names beginning with V may be uncommon, they are certainly special. For instance, we have Vida Samadzai, an Afghan-American actress, model, and beauty queen known for advocating for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VidaVeeda, VeedahLife
VinaVeena, VeenahBeloved
VafaVafah, VofaLoyalty
VaraVarah, VeraBlessing
VaraaVera, VerraGift
VassiVassy, VacyQueen
VanyaVaniya, VuanyaGracious
VanidaVanidah, VanedaGirl
VahidaVahidah, WahidaUnique
VadhiaVadhiya, VadheaPurity
VadianaVadianah, VadyanaMoonlight
VelekaVelekah, VelecaBright
VakeelaVakeelah, VakilaAdvocate
VanezaVanezah, VaneesaShining
VenosaVenosah, VinosahBeautiful
ValeriaValeriah, ValeriyStrong
VareenaVareenah, VereenaPure
VahiniVahinie, VahyniFlowing
VahbizVahbizz, VahbysGood news
VasaraVasarah, VasarraNew day
VarashaVarashah, VerashaRain
VareetaVareetah, VeritaTruth
VabnaVabnah, VabanaIntention
VilsiaVilsiah, VilsyaHope
VadoraVadorah, VadraGift
VafsiyaVafsiyah, VafsiyUnique
VabishkaVabishkah, VabiskaLight
VelinaVelinah, VelenaJoyful
VaminaVaminah, VamenaLove
VahiniVahinie, VahyniSister
VapikaVapikah, VapicaFair
VareetaVareetah, VeritaLoyal
VaminiVaminie, VaminyDesired
VabnaVabnah, VabanaImage
VendiaVendiah, VendyaCourage
VesaliVesalie, VezalyWinner
VoshayaVoshayah, VoshiaRising sun
VanoraVanorah, VinoraLight
VapikaVapikah, VapicaDevoted
VamoraVamorah, VamaraAgeless
VagiraVagirah, WagiraPowerful
VagulaVagulah, WagulaBeautiful
VadiniVadinie, VadeniSpeaker
VamoraVamorah, VamaraHonor
ViciyaViciyah, ViciaVictory
VelanaVelanah, VelenaKind
VapushaVapushah, VapushRefreshing
VarnyaVarnyah, VarniaAdorable
VadiniVadinie, VadeniMusical
VelidaVelidah, VeliderBrilliant
VarhiyaVarhiyah, VarhiaStrong

Thanks for exploring our unique list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with V! Every name tells a story and yours could start here. We invite you to find more inspiration by checking out our other baby name idea lists on our site. Remember, the perfect name for your little bundle of joy is just one click away!

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