50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With V: Celebrate Cultural Roots

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Hey there, fabulous mom-to-be! If you’re on the search for a distinctive name for your baby boy that starts with ‘V’, our curated list of 50 Afghan names is the perfect place to begin. Infuse a touch of cultural richness and individuality into your son’s name, carving out his unique identity from the get-go.

Notable People with Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With V

While Afghan baby boy names beginning with ‘V’ are rare, they hold a unique charm. Consider the influential Vida Samadzai, the first Afghan woman to participate in an international beauty pageant after the fall of the Taliban, defying conventions and redefining norms.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. VarunVaroon, VarounGod of the waters
2. VafadarVafadaar, VafadaareLoyal
3. VahidWaheed, WahidUnique, Singular
4. ValiWali, ValeeGovernor
5. VatanWatan, VattanHomeland
6. VazirWazir, VazeerMinister
7. VaqarWaqar, VaqaarDignity, Respect
8. VaseeqWaseeq, VaseeqeSolid, Tough
9. VaziruddinWaziruddin, VazeeruddinMinister of the faith
10. VahadatWahadat, VahadaatUnity, Oneness
11. VaziriWaziri, VazeeriMinister-like
12. VariyaVariyah, VariyaaCloth, Silk
13. VaamiqWaamiq, VaameeqDeep
14. VajeehWajeeh, VajeehaNoble, Distinguished
15. ValidadValidad, ValidaadBorn of the Governor
16. VafadariVafadaari, VafadaareeLoyalty
17. VameedWameed, VameedeGoal, Objective
18. VazifdarWazifdar, VazifdaarCommitted to Duty
19. VaishanavVaishnav, VaishanavaWorshipper of Vishnu
20. VafaVafa, VafaaFaithfulness
21. VafaeeVafaee, VafaeeeFaithful
22. VafikVafik, VafiqSuccessful
23. VagishVagish, VageeshLord of speech
24. VahajVahaj, VahaajFree
25. VahinWahn, VahinnLeader
26. VairajVairaj, VairajaSpiritual glory
27. VairatVairat, VairaataGem
28. VaijayiVaijayi, VaijayeeVictor
29. VajendraVajendra, VajendrraLord of the diamond
30. VajraVajra, VajrraDiamond, Thunderbolt
31. VajratVajrat, VajrattExtremely precious
32. VajravelVajravel, VajravellLord Murugan
33. VakasVakaas, VakassCapacity, Skill
34. VakilVakeel, VakillLawyer
35. ValghosVaghos, ValghossBeautiful voice
36. VanajVanaj, VanajjLotus
37. VandanVandann, VandaneSalutation
38. VaneetVaneete, VaneettModest
39. VaniVani, VaneeSpeech
40. VanikVanik, VanikkTrader
41. VanshVanshh, VanshhaDescendant
42. VardahVardahh, VardehRose
43. VardhanVardhann, VardhaanIncreasing
44. VarenyamVarenyam, VarennyamBest, Excellent
45. VarnanVarnann, VarnaanDescription
46. VartanuVartanu, VartannuBeautiful
47. VaruneshVarunesh, VaruneeshGod of the waters
48. VasudevVasudeva, VasudeveFather of Krishna
49. VasudharaVasudharaa, VasudharaBearer of the earth
50. VyomVyoma, VyomaaSky

Thanks for taking the time to explore our carefully curated list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with V! We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your little one. Feel the thrill of choice and discover more unique baby name ideas by browsing through other lists on our site – the adventure of naming your baby continues!

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