Capture the Charm: 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With U

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Picking a name for your baby boy is one of the most exciting parts of your journey to motherhood. If you’re looking for something unique that carries a rich history and meaning, our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with U is just what you need.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With U

One admirable name on our list is “Uzair”, a popular Afghan name. Uzair Essack, an inspiring South African entrepreneur, carries this name beautifully. Selecting a name with an Afghan origin may just spur your baby boy towards a future filled with ambition and success, like Uzair.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UzairUzayr, UzaireEquivalent of ‘Ezra’ in the Quran, means helper
UlfatUlphat, UlfetLove, affection
UsmanUsmaan, OthmanThe young of a bird, a friend
UbaidUbayd, ObeidFaithful, devoted
UmmidUmmeed, UmeedHope
UmranUmaran, OmranProsperity, Lifetime
UmarOmar, UmerLong-lived
UsroUsroe, UsraoEvening star
UshnaUshnah, UshanaA bright, sunny day
UshtaUshtah, UstaHappiness
UrjaUrjah, UrjaaEnergy
UrazaUraaz, UraazaaSacred festival
UtalUtall, UtalaHumming of a bee
UsharUshaar, UsharrWise, intelligent
UtkarshUtkarsha, UtkarshaaExcellence, superiority
UroojUroojh, UrojAscension, mounting
UjaalUjaala, UjalaBright, Light
UnnabUnaab, UnabName of a Fruit
UqbahUqba, UqabaThe end of everything
UzlahUzla, UzlaaSeparation
UlaUlla, UlaaHigh rank, prestige
UbtanUbtana, UbtanaaA paste applied on the body
UlfahUlfaha, UlfaHarmony, intimacy
UmniyaUmnya, UmnyaaWish, desire
UroosaUrosa, UrosaaBride, beauty
UrvashiUrvashi, UrvashieA celestial maiden
UrmilaUrmilaa, UrmillaEnchantress
UraUrah, UraaThe heart, love
UshashiUshashie, UshasyMorning
UdiptiUdiptie, UdyptiOn fire
UdarathiUdarathie, UdarathyLord Vishnu
UjaalaUjaalaa, UjalaLight
UpdeshUpdeshh, UpadeshOne who gives valuable advice
UraaUra, UraahEarth
UttaraUttarah, UttarahNorth
UdyatiUdyatie, UdyatyElevated
UlkaaUlka, UlkaahMeteorite
UthkarshaUthkarsh, UthkarshaaHappiness, uplifting
UshijaUshijaa, UshjaBorn out of happiness
UtpattiUtpattie, UtpattyCreation
UgaaniUganee, UganyDawn, morning
UshakantaUshakantaa, UshkantaThe sun
UshmaUshmah, UshmahHeat, warmth
UdarangaUdarangah, UdarangahEndowed with a beautiful body
UtpalaUtpalah, UtpalaaFilled with lotus flowers
UtprekshaUtprekshaa, UtprekshahViewing
UttamUttamm, UttamBest, highest
UttejUttejj, UttejExcited, stimulated
UdbhavUdbhava, UdbhavOrigin, generation
UrvanUrvann, UrvanThe soul, a spiritual being
UlhasUlhass, UlhasJoy, delight, happiness

Wrap Up Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with U. Picking a name for your little one is a huge decision and we hope our list has provided some inspiration. Delve into more of our comprehensive baby name lists to find the perfect match for your new arrival. Happy naming!

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