50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With U to Cherish Forever

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Naming your bundle of joy is a beautiful journey — and where better to start than with a touch of Afghan tradition? Dive into our collection of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with U, and find a name that reflects your little one’s unique spirit.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With U

Although uncommon, some notable figures wearing Afghan girl names starting with U have impacted various fields. For instance, actress Usha Khan is not only a celebrated star in her homeland but also embodies the strength and grace inherent in Afghan culture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UmaOma, Umma“Nation”
UlfatUlfa, Olfa“Love, affection”
UroojUruj, Uroj“Ascend, Rise”
UnzilaUnzeela, Unzela“To descend”
UjalaUjalla, Ujla“Light, brightness”
UdeedaUdidah, Udeedah“Example, lesson”
UmeedUmid, Umeeda“Hope”
UjaalaUjala, Ojala“Light of the universe”
UroosaUroosa, Urosa“Bride”
UthraUtra, Utraa“Camel”
UlfahUlfa, Ulfat“Friendship”
UmniaUmniah, Umniya“Wish, aspiration”
UsraUsrah, Usara“Family, tribe”
UzmaOzma, Uzama“Greatest”
UzraUzrah, Ozra“Rare, unique”
UlmaOlma, Ulmah“Giver of life”
UlyaUlyah, Olya“Higher, loftier”
UrvaUrwah, Urwaa“Handhold, support”
UmmalUmmala, Ummali“Mother of all”
UmeeraUmeerah, Umirah“Leader, commander”
UrjaUrjah, Urza“Powerful”
UmmulUmmula, Ummuli“Mother of sons”
UfrishUfrisha, Ufrisi“To bloom”
UlfanaUlfanah, Ulfan“Knowledgeable”
UshnaUshnay, Ushnah“Hot, warm”
UshraUsharah, Ushraa“Dawn”
UnaizaUnaizah, Unaiz“Sheep”
UfairahUfaira, Ufair“Conquering”
UzefaUzefah, Uzefa“Fame, honor”
UbaUbaa, Ubaah“Abundant, plentiful”
UzrinaUzrinah, Uzrina“Gold, precious”
UmeesaUmeesah, Umesa“Long-lived”
UqbaUqbah, Uqbaa“End, last”
UzlahUzla, Uzli“Courageous”
UzraaUzrah, Uzra“Help, aid”
UbaadahUbadah, Ubadah“Worship”
UmrahUmra, Umraa“Pilgrimage”
UrfanaUrfanah, Urfan“Artist”
UwayrahUwayra, Uwayr“Little flower”
UroobUrooba, Uroobah“Love, passion”
UrfahUrfah, Urfi“Patience”
UlfanaaUlfanah, Ulfan“Scholar”
UsaimaUsaimah, Usaymah“Lioness”
UroobaUrooba, Uroob“Heaven, paradise”
UzifahUzifa, Uzif“Blossom”
UveenaUvena, Uvina“Sweetness”
UrshiaUrshi, Urshiah“Satisfaction”
UnsaUnsaah, Unsay“Love, affection”
UmeeraaUmeerah, Umirah“Princess”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with U. We hope these beautiful, traditional names inspire you as you embark on the exciting journey of naming your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists for an even wider range of inspiring options. Happy naming!

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