50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With T: Blend Tradition and Style

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Hello, soon-to-be mama! Embarking on the journey of naming your little one is truly special and exciting. If you’re leaning towards names with an Afghan flair, our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With T is ready to inspire you.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Interestingly, many influential women share these magnificent names. For instance, Tamana Jamily, a brave Afghan journalist who defied norms to voice women’s struggles. Or Tahmina Kohistani, Afghanistan’s remarkable track and field athlete who fought against all odds to represent her nation at the Olympics. These names echo strength and determination.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. TamanaTamanna, TamanahDesire, Wish
2. TahiraTahirah, TaheraPure, Clean, Chaste
3. TabasumTabassumSmiling
4. TamaraTamarah, TamiraDate Palm Tree
5. TahminaTahmineh, TahmeenaStrong, Brave
6. TaniaTanya, TaniyahFairy Queen
7. TaliaTahlia, TaliahHeaven’s Dew
8. TaslimaTasleema, TasleemahGreeting, Salutation
9. TamilaTameela, TamillaPalm Tree
10. TariqaTariqah, TareeqaStar, Nightcomer
11. TubaTooba, TubahTree in Heaven
12. TayyabaTayybah, TaibahSweet, Pleasant
13. TaqaddusTaqaddasSanctity, Holiness
14. TalibaTaleeba, TalibahSeeker, Student
15. TharaTharah, TharrahWealth, Power
16. TazimTazeem, TazimmHonor, Respect
17. TahleemTaleem, TaleemaEducation, Instruction
18. ToyahToya, ToeyahGod’s Gift
19. TareefaTareefah, TareefaRare, Unusual
20. TuqaTuqaa, ToqaPiety, Devotion
21. TawheedTowheed, TauheedThe Oneness of God
22. TiahTiyah, TiyaLove, Affection
23. TanveerTanvir, TanweerLight, Radiance
24. TammieTammy, TammiTwin
25. TiyaraTiyarah, TierahCrown, Tiara
26. TijaTeja, TeejaBright, Shining
27. TaibaTaybah, TaibahGod-fearing, Pious
28. TarkaTarrah, TarakaStar
29. TameenTamin, TaminnSecurity, Guarantee
30. TasfiaTasfiyah, TasfeeaPurification, Refinement
31. TashfeenTashfin, TashphenSympathetic, Compassionate
32. TashaTashah, TashaaBorn on Christmas Day
33. TeenaTena, TienaAnointed
34. TabeedTabeeda, TabedGlitter, Shine
35. TaimaTyma, TaymaOasis in Northwestern Arabia
36. TariTaari, TaaryFresh, Young
37. TazkiaTazkiya, TazkeyaPurification, Sanctification
38. TamkeenTamkin, TamkynDignity, Gravity
39. TaseelTaseal, TaseilStrong Influence
40. TasmiaTasmiah, TasmeaIn the Name of God
41. TabeerTabeir, TabeeraInterpretation, Dream Meaning
42. TazeenTazin, TazynDecoration, Ornamentation
43. TaaliyaTaliya, TaaliaRising Star
44. TamaraTamrah, TamyraPalm Tree
45. TeymaTaema, TaimaPrincess
46. TawabahTowabah, TauwabahRepentant
47. ThaminahThamina, ThameenahPrecious, Valuable
48. TajalliTajalli, TajallyTo Appear, Manifestation
49. TarayaTarayah, TaryahStar
50. TajTaaj, TaazCrown

Thanks for stopping by and exploring our list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With T. We hope you’ve found some that resonate with you. Naming your little one is a magical experience, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Don’t forget to check out our other thematic lists for more baby name inspiration. Happy naming!

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