50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With K: Discover Cultural Treasures

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Excitement and anticipation are part of this beautiful journey, especially when it comes to picking a name for your little one. Our list of ’50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With K’ can be the perfect treasure trove for you – a unique blend of richness and meaning

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Famous people bearing Afghan names that start with ‘K’ include the likes of ‘Khatol Mohammadzai’, Afghanistan’s first female paratrooper, and ‘Khalida Popal’, a former captain of the Afghan women’s football team. These names embody strength, leadership, and passion – qualities your baby girl might grow up to hold dear!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. KarimaKareemah, KareemaGenerous, Noble
2. KobraKobrah, CobraGreat woman
3. KhateraKhaterahMemory
4. KhatiraKhatirahPrecious
5. KhadijaKhadeejaEarly woman
6. KhurshidKhursheed, KhurshedSun
7. KausarKowtharRiver in Paradise
8. KainatKaynatUniverse
9. KhudaijahKhudayjahGift from God
10. KamilaKameelaPerfect
11. KhalidaKhalidahEverlasting
12. KubraKubrahGreat
13. KhushbooKhushbuFragrance
14. KhurshidaKhurshidahSunny
15. KhorshidKhorshedSunlight
16. KheiraKheraBenevolent
17. KifayaKifayahSufficient
18. KubraKobrahGreatness
19. KamariKomari, KamarieMoonlight
20. KanizKanezServant
21. KhateraKhatiraMemory
22. KhayriyyaKhayriyaCharitable, Good
23. KhushnudaKhushnoodaPleased
24. KhiradKheradIntelligence
25. KhezarKhezrGreen, Fresh
26. KhwagaKhwaghaCherished
27. KefayaKefayahEnough
28. KeeniaKeeniahGarden
29. KalimaKalimahSpeaker
30. KhandanKhandenSmiling
31. KhumarKhumariIntoxicating
32. KhushaalKhushhalProsperous
33. KhayriyahKhayriyyaBeneficial
34. KanzKans, KanzahTreasure
35. KhudadadKhudadadahGift of God
36. KuhuKoohu, KuhooThe sweet note of the bird, the voice of the nightingale
37. KailashKailashaName of a Himalayan peak
38. KarkarKarkarahIntense, passionate
39. KarkashKarkashaFlame-colored
40. KillatKillahSincere
41. KhasheedKhasidBenefactor
42. KhassafKhasafDiscoverer
43. KhezranKhezrahGreen, fresh
44. KhinaKhinahGentle
45. KibarKibarahNoble
46. KibraKibrahTip, Top
47. KifaahKifahFight, battle
48. KifatKifathMiracle
49. KijKijahBright, clear
50. KikhKikhahBright, clear

Thanks for exploring our curated list of ’50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With K’. Baby naming is a significant journey filled with hope, love, and countless possibilities. We hope you’ve found a few favorites that resonate deeply. Explore more of our baby name idea lists to discover the perfect name for your little angel. Happy baby naming!

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