50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With K: Unearth Hidden Gems

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Choosing a name for your baby is not just an exercise, but an exciting journey into a world of meanings and cultural richness. Today, let’s embark on an adventure with a curated list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with K, painting a beautiful picture of Afghanistan’s rich heritage.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Did you know that Khalid, one of the names on our list, is also shared by Khalid bin Waleed, a renowned figure in Islamic history? Or that Karim, another spotlight name, echoes the philanthropy of the businessman and philanthropist Karim Khoja? These names have created history, and now, they’re waiting to script your baby’s unique journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KarimKareem, KerimGenerous, noble
KhalidKhaled, KhaleadEternal, immortal
KhurramKhuram, KhoramDelighted
KamranKamron, KameronSuccessful
KausarKawsar, KausaerStream in paradise
KhayyamKhaiam, KhayamTent maker
KhaledaKhaledah, KhaledaEternal
KadirQadir, KaderCapable, competent
KhudayarKhudaja, KhoudayarGiven by God
KamiarKamyar, KamyareSuccessful
KushanKoushan, KushaanKing, emperor
KushadKushaad, KoushadHappy, cheerful
KhosrowKhosro, KhosrawKing, sovereign
KhubilaiKublai, HubilaiBlessed
KhorshidKhorshed, KhurshidSun, radiant
KhairullahKhairulla, KheirullahBlessings of Allah
KayaniKayany, KayaneRoyal
KyandarKhyandar, KyanderGenerous
KavehKave, KavahBlacksmith
KarvanKarawan, KarvenCaravan
KureshKoresh, QureshLike the sun
KambizKambis, CambizFortunate
KouroshKurosh, KurushLike the sun
KranKrahn, KrahneStrong, firm
KhushanKhushaan, KhoshanExcellent, perfect
KhudakhaKhuda, KhudaakhaGiven by God
KurdaKurdah, KurdaaStrong, firm
KhujastaKhugasta, KhujastahBright, good
KhuderKhudar, KhudaerProsperous
KuhakKuhakh, KuhacSunset
KhashayarKhashaeyar, KhashayarhKing, sovereign
KhashaiarhaKhashayarha, KhashaiarhKing, sovereign
KhasrawKhesraw, KhasraoKing, sovereign
KhushalKhushaal, KhushaaleHappy, prosperous
KhurmiKhermi, KhurmeeCluster of dates
KhudabakhshKhudabux, KhudabakshGift of God
KushbakhtKushbakht, KushbakhtehLucky, fortunate
KhushdilKhushdeel, KhushdilahHappy heart
KhushawanKhushavaan, KhushvaanHappy, joyous
KhwajaKhaja, KhwajahMaster, leader
KhushnudKhushnood, KhoushnoodHappy, content
KushaKusa, KoushaSharp
KhushbakhtKhushbakhat, KhoushbakhtLucky, fortunate
KhudanumaKhudenuma, KhoudanumaGod-like
KushyarKushyaar, KushyaareHappy, jubilant
KurtushKurtosh, KurtusheGenerous
KhushnazKhushnazh, KhoushnazBeautiful
KhushhaalKhushhall, KhushahalHappy, prosperous
KhushbuKhushboo, KhoushbuFragrance

Choosing a baby name is a meaningful and memorable part of parenity journey. We hope our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with K has ignited sparks of inspiration for you. Thanks for joining us on this special exploration! Need more inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists. Happy naming!

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