Your Guide to 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With L

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Choosing a name for your baby can be both exciting and a smidge overwhelming, right, momma? If you’re on the hunt for something unique that starts with ‘L’, our list of 50 Afghan baby boy names might just have the perfect pick for your little one!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Latif Nasser is an acclaimed Afghan name bearer who’s made his mark in the scientific community. Known for his work as the director of research at ‘Radiolab’, his name represents the elegance and prestige of Afghan culture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. LatifLateef, LatyfKind, Gentle
2. LaisLayis, LaysLion
3. LabibLabeeb, LabeibSensible, Intelligent
4. LutfiLutfee, LutfyKind-hearted
5. LaeeqLaeek, LaeqSuitable, Worthy
6. LatifullahLateefullah, LatyfollahKindness of God
7. LavaLave, LavahBeauty, Grace
8. LukmanLuqman, LukmannProphet’s name
9. LayliLaily, LaylyNight
10. LailLail, LaylNight
11. LamaanLam’an, LamanGleam, Glimmer
12. LalehLalay, LaleyhTulip
13. LutfanLutfun, LutfenKindness, Compassion
14. LaalLall, LahlRuby, Red
15. LuzmaLuzmah, LusmaStar, Celestial body
16. LemarLamar, LemaarSun
17. LohanLohan, LuhannEnlightened
18. LashkarLasher, LashkerArmy
19. LutfullahLutfulloh, LutfulahKindness of God
20. LutfulLutful, LutfullKind, Merciful
21. LiwaLiwah, LewaFlag, Banner
22. LoyaLoyahGrand
23. LukhvinderLukhvindar, LuhkvinderGod’s warrior
24. LadoLahdo, LadooLovely, Sweet
25. LajbarLajbaar, LajberAzure, Blue
26. LaelLael, LayelBelonging to God
27. LajlajLajluj, LajlojShy, Bashful
28. LafzLafaz, LaphzWord, Expression
29. LaikaLayka, LaikahWonderful, Marvelous
30. LapisLapees, LappisAzure, Bluish stone
31. LaqadLaqaad, LaqudResolute, Decisive
32. LaveezLavees, LaveizBright, Shiny
33. LayaqLayaak, LayakWorthy, Deserving
34. LeylLeyl, LylNight
35. LakhLakh, LacOne hundred thousand
36. LajpalLajpaal, LajpaulProtector, Guardian
37. LafizLafiz, LafisDefender, Protector
38. LyakatLyaqat, LyakatWorth, Merit
39. LabeebLabib, LabeibSensible, Intelligent
40. LakhvirLakhveer, LakvirBrave as a hundred thousand
41. LatishLatesh, LatishJoyful, Delighted
42. LedanLedan, LidanBright and Clear
43. LoveshLovesha, LoveishSymbol of love
44. LomashLomasha, LomeshA sage
45. LaxmanLaxmana, LaxminName of a saint
46. LibanLeban, LybanSuccessful, Charmed
47. LakshanLakshana, LakshenSign, Symptom
48. LakhwindarLakhvinder, LakwindarVictory of a hundred thousand
49. LubdhakLubdak, LubdhakaHunter, One who hunts
50. LuvyaLuvyah, LuviyaLove, Affection

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With L! We hope you found our carefully curated list inspiring and that it helped guide your decision. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name idea lists to discover even more unique and meaningful options. After all, the right name can set the stage for a lifetime of greatness!

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