50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With J: Let Your Daughter’s Name Tell A Story

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Name choosing is such a unique and thrilling part of our baby journey, isn’t it, moms-to-be? Imagine, we’re picking a name that will walk with our little ones through life! Let’s explore together – here are 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with J, a blend of beautiful sounds and profound meanings!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Jamila Akhtar, an Afghan-American journalist and activist, has made a significant impact with her relentless pursuit of truth and justice. Jahana Hayes, an educator-turned-politician of Afghan descent, is an inspiration for many as the first woman and African American to represent Connecticut in Congress. Their names resonate with strength and determination!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. JahangulJahangool‘World’s flower’
2. JalaJalah‘Shining; Illuminating’
3. JameelaJamila, Jameelah‘Beautiful’
4. JannatJannath‘Paradise’
5. JawharaJawharah, Jauhara‘Jewel’
6. JehanaraJehaanara‘Adornment of the world’
7. JodhaJodhah‘Soft-hearted’
8. JumaanaJumana, Jumaanah‘Silver pearl’
9. JunaidaJunaidah, Junayda‘Small soldier’
10. JazilaJazilah, Jazeela‘Great and Exalted’
11. JahidaJahidah‘Assisting, cooperating’
12. JameeyaJameya, Jamiya‘Gathering, union’
13. JariyaJarya, Jariyah‘Flowing water’
14. JewelJewell, Jewelle‘Precious stone’
15. JeenaJeenah, Jina‘Alive, living’
16. JasmineJasmin, Jasamine‘Gift from God’
17. JaninaJaninah, Jannina‘Heart of an enigma’
18. JovitaJovitah, Joveeta‘Joyful’
19. JelenaJelenah, Jelina‘Bright, shining one’
20. JacintaJacintah, Jacindah‘Hyacinth flower’
21. JeniseJenisse, Genise‘God is gracious’
22. JerraJerrah, Jera‘God will raise up’
23. JalilaJalilah, Jaleela‘Majestic, revered’
24. JumanJumaan, Jumanah‘Pearl, gem’
25. JessiaJessiah, Jesia‘God’s grace’
26. JavidanJavidaan, Javedan‘Eternal’
27. JazminJazmine, Jazzmin‘Jasmine flower’
28. JovanaJovanah, Jovannah‘God is gracious’
29. JuditaJuditah, Juddita‘Woman from Judea’
30. JulitaJulitah, Joolita‘Youthful’
31. JannaJannah, Jana‘Paradise, heaven’
32. JinaJinah, Gena‘Alive, living’
33. JarinaJarinah, Garena‘Prophetess’
34. JehonaJehonah, Jehanna‘Universe’
35. JaydaJaydah, Jada‘Precious stone’
36. JaidaJaidah, Jaeda‘The precious one’
37. JulianaJulianna, Juliannah‘Youthful, soft-haired’
38. JovankaJovankah, Jovana‘God is gracious’
39. JovianneJoviann, Jovyanne‘Goddess of love’
40. JaklynJaklyne, Jakline‘Supplanter’
41. JuvelaJuvelah, Juvella‘Jewel’
42. JezabelJezabell, Jezabella‘Not exalted’
43. JivantaJivantah, Jivana‘Life-giving’
44. JennicaJennicah, Jenica‘God’s gracious gift’
45. JessalynJessalynne, Jessalin‘God beholds’
46. JayleeJaylie, Jayleigh‘Victorious, field of jays’
47. JocelineJocelinne, Joseline‘Joyous, happy’
48. JolinaJolinah, Jolena‘Majestic’
49. JanessaJanessah, Janisa‘God is gracious’
50. JovelleJovell, Jovella‘Joyful, happy’

Thank you, dear readers, for joining us on this delightful exploration of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with J! We hope this list has sparked inspiration and made your baby-naming journey even more exciting. Ready to explore more? Check out our treasure trove of baby name idea lists for even more inspiration – because every name tells a story, and your baby’s story is just beginning!

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