50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With H to Cherish Forever

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Choosing your baby’s name is a thrilling journey, steeped in love and anticipation. Our curated list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with H connects you to beautiful traditions, offering meaningful and unique name choices for your little one.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With H

In the realm of success and influence, Hameeda Stilwell stands out. An Afghan-American poet and translator, her extraordinary work has touched hearts across borders. Choosing a name starting with H can celebrate this bond between cultures, acknowledging strong, inspiring women like Hameeda.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HadiyaHadya, HadyahGuide to Righteousness
2. HafizaHafeeza, HafizahProtector
3. HameedaHamida, HamidahPraiseworthy
4. HanifaHaneefa, HanifaahTrue Believer
5. HasinaHaseena, HassinaBeautiful
6. HayaHayahModesty
7. HibaHeba, HibaahGift
8. HudaHouda, HoudahGuidance
9. HindHinde, HindiGroup of Camels
10. HalimaHaleema, HaleemahGentle
11. HabibaHabibah, HabeabaBeloved
12. HumaHumah, HoumaPhoenix
13. HafsaHafsah, HafsaaLioness
14. HamnaHamnah, HamnahFemale Ostrich
15. HasnaHasnah, HasanaBeautiful
16. HuraHurah, HoorahBeauty
17. HenaHenna, HennahFlower
18. HoorHooriyaCelestial
19. HinaHena, HinaaHenna
20. HushnaHushnah, HusnaBeautiful
21. HakimaHakeema, HakimahWise
22. HibbaHibbah, HibbahGift
23. HenaaHenaa, HenaHenna
24. HidaHeda, HidahGuidance
25. HusnaHusnah, HusnMore Beautiful
26. HaleemaHaleemah, HalemaGentle
27. HiraHeera, HiraahDiamond
28. HuriyaHuriyah, HuriyyaFairy
29. HaniaHaniya, HanyaHappy
30. HalahHala, HalaaAura
31. HilaHeela, HilaaHope
32. HodaHouda, HodahGuidance
33. HayatHayet, HayattLife
34. HadiqaHadeeqa, HadiqahGarden
35. HasnaaHasna, HasnaahBeautiful
36. HamailHameil, HamayilNecklace
37. HesnaHesnah, HesanaBeautiful
38. HaniyaHania, HaniyahHappy
39. HumaeraHumayra, HumayrahRosy
40. HalimaHaleema, HalimahGentle
41. HudaHoda, HoudaGuidance
42. HukamaHukamah, HukammaWisdom
43. HidayaHedaya, HedayahGuidance
44. HimnaHimnah, Himn’aaProtection
45. HuwaidaHweida, HweidahGentle
46. HelwaHelwah, HelwaaSweet
47. HooriyaHuriya, HooriaCelestial
48. HayraHara, HayrahGraceful
49. HayaamHiyam, HayaamLove
50. HaboosHabus, HaboosLioness

Congratulations on taking another exciting step towards welcoming your little one! We thank you for exploring our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with H. May it inspire you as you continue this beautiful naming journey. For more unique and meaningful baby name ideas, don’t miss our extensive collections on our site.

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