50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With I to Inspire Your Choice

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Hey mama-to-be! Delighted to have you here. We’ve gathered a list of 50 beautiful Afghan baby girl names starting with ‘I’, all designed to inspire and excite you. Enjoy this special journey of finding the perfect name for your soon-to-be little superstar!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Did you know some remarkable women share these names? Take Israa Al Fass, a prominent Arab writer and commentator, or Isha Sesay, a notable CNN journalist. Their achievements illuminate the potential your little girl can have with such a beautiful, powerful name.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
InaamInam, EnaamGift, Grant
InayahInaya, InaayaConcern; Solicitude
IrmaErmaUniversal; Whole
IrsaIrza, IrsahRainbow
InasInaas, EnasSociability
ImanEman, EmmanFaith, Belief
IffatEffat, IfatChastity
IsraEsra, IsrahNight Journey
IjlalIjlaal, IjleelRespect, Honor
IznaIznaa, IznahLight
IbaEba, IbaaPride, Sense
IlhamIlhaam, ElhamInspiration
IzdihaarIzdiha, IzdiharFlourishing, Blossoming
ImaneImaane, EmaneFaithful, Honest
IbtihajIbtihajj, EbtihajJoy, Delight
IhitaIhitaa, IhitahDesire
IvyIvi, IvieFaithfulness
IbadahIbaadah, EbadahWorship
IzahIzzah, IzhaPower, Honor
IbadatIbaadat, EbadatWorship
IshratIshrat, IsharatSociety, Familiarity
IramIraam, EramA Garden in Heaven
IdhaIdhah, EdhaIllumination
InsafInsaaf, EnsafJustice, Equity
InsiyaInsiyah, InsiyyaWoman
IqraIkra, EkraTo Recite
IshtiIshtie, IshtyDesire
IrtiqaIrtiqaa, ErtiqaProgress, Advancement
IznaIznah, IznaaLight
IffahIffa, EffahPurity, Modesty
IlaEela, IllaEarth
IksuraIksuraa, IksurahFragrant
IshwaIshwah, IshwaaLight, Radiance
IsnaIsnaa, IsnahLight
IkraIqra, EkraTo Recite
IbaadEbaad, IbaaadWorshippers
InsafEnsaaf, InsaafJustice
IlhaamElham, IlhamInspiration
IbtihaajEbtihaj, IbtihaajJoy, Happiness
In’amInam, EnamKindness, Benefaction
IsmahIsma, IsmaaPreservation, Infallibility
IsbahIsba, IsbaaLight
IzdihaarIzdihar, IzdiharrBlossoming, Flourishing
IffatIffet, IffattPurity, Chastity
ImanEmaan, ImaanFaith, Belief
IqtidaEqtida, IqtidaaFollowing, Adherence
IkhlasIkhlaas, EkhlasSincerity, Purity

Thanks for joining us on this journey through our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with ‘I’. We hope you found inspiration and perhaps even the perfect name for your baby girl. Excited to continue your baby name search? Explore more unique and beautiful baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming!

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