50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With H: Sound, Meaning, and Charm

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Choosing your baby boy’s name is incredibly exciting, right, mama? As you eagerly anticipate his arrival, dive into these 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With H, each with a unique charm and cultural richness.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Did you know Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, carries a name beginning with ‘H’? Or that Hamed Wardak, a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur, does too? These influential figures showcase the strength and significance of Afghan baby boy names starting with ‘H’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. HabibHabeeb, HabybBeloved
2. HadiHadie, HadeeGuide to righteousness
3. HakimHakeem, HakymWise, judicious
4. HamidHameed, HameedPraiseworthy
5. HashimHashem, HeshamCrusher, breaker
6. HasanHassan, HasaanHandsome, good
7. HafezHafiz, HafezGuardian, protector
8. HarisHarris, HarizGuardian, protector
9. HayatHayet, HayattLife
10. HumayunHumayoon, HumaayunFortunate, blessed
11. HaroonHarun, HarounHigh, exalted
12. HazhirHazheer, HazheerePresent, ready
13. HoshangHoshung, HoshengShining sun
14. HedayatHedayet, HidayatGuidance
15. HesamHesaam, HesaamSharp sword
16. HomanHomon, HomeanGood thoughts
17. HusaynHussein, HoussainHandsome, good
18. HamzaHamzah, HamzeLion
19. HabeebullahHabibullah, HabybulluhBeloved of Allah
20. HomayounHomeyoon, HomayoonLucky, fortunate
21. HashmatHeshmat, HashematDignity, glory
22. HaydarHayder, HyderLion, brave
23. HazratHazrath, HuzratSuperior, leader
24. HujjatHujat, HujjutArgument, proof
25. HamdardHumdard, HamdardeSympathetic, compassionate
26. HafeedhHafidh, HafeethProtector, guardian
27. HaqdadHaqdaad, HacdadGiver of justice
28. HuzaylHuzail, HuzeylBin Shurah Bil had this name
29. HaniHaani, HaanyHappy, content
30. HibaHeba, HibaGift from God
31. HakarHaker, HacarOne who roots up
32. HaddadHaded, HaddaadBlacksmith, iron smith
33. HaikalHaikel, HaykelTale
34. HirzHirez, HerzAnother name for God
35. HamiHamie, HameeProtector, patron
36. HajveriHajveree, HajveriOf Husayn
37. HaythamHaythem, HithamYoung eagle, hawk
38. HedyaHediya, HedayahGuide to righteousness
39. HoomanHoomaan, HumanGood soul
40. HifazatHifaazat, HefazatSecurity, safety
41. HurmatHurmet, HurmotRespect, sanctity
42. HenayatHenayet, HenyatAnother name for God
43. HuzafahHuzefa, HuzayfahOld Arabic name
44. HitabHitabe, HetabAnother name for God
45. HafsaHafzah, HafzaCub, young lioness
46. HalimaHaleema, HalimahGentle, patient
47. HibbaHibbah, HebaGift from God
48. HamraHumra, HamiraRed
49. HulaihHulaeh, HulayhOld Arabic name
50. HiddHid, HeddAnother name for God

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With H! We hope you found it inspiring as you search for that perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our diverse baby name idea lists on our site, ready to help you celebrate the joy of naming your baby.

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