Embrace Tradition: 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With G

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Hey Mama-to-be! Ready to dive into a world of unique and charming baby boy names? We’ve curated a special list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with G, rich with tradition and meaning, perfect for your little prince. Let’s set sail on this exciting naming journey!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Many influential figures have been graced with Afghan baby boy names starting with G. People like Ghazi Salahuddin, a renowned journalist and scholar, or Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the seventh President of Pakistan, are a testament to the charm and power these names carry. These individuals not only brought pride to their names but also set a benchmark for others to follow.

Afghan Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GhaithGaith, GhaythRain
2. GhaziGhazee, GazieWar Hero
3. GhausGhaas, GhausiHelp, aid
4. GhayoorGhayur, GhaorProud
5. GulbadanGulbodan, GulbdanFlower body
6. GulZarGulzar, GulzaarScattering flowers
7. GulChehraGulcehraFlower-like face
8. GulbaazGulbaz, GulbaazPlaying with flowers
9. GurnamGurunamFace of a hero
10. GhulamGulam, GullamServant, boy
11. GulGul, GullFlower, rose
12. GulabGulabbRose, flower
13. GulaghaGulaghaaFlowering, blooming
14. GulbargGulbarrgPetal, flower leaf
15. GulbarinGulbarrinSimilar to a flower
16. GulbashamGulbashammFlower looking like the evening
17. Gul-E-RanaGuleranaSmiling flower
18. GuleerGuleeerFlower-like
19. GulfaamGulffamFamous flower
20. GulghutayGulghuttayThe bud of a flower
21. GulhaqGulhaqqRight of the flower
22. GulharGulhaarFlower of the area
23. GulhayatGulhayattLife of the flower
24. GulistanGulistaanRose garden
25. GuldadGuldaddThe one who nurtures flowers
26. GuldaraGuldaraaFlowered
27. GulmakayGulmakayeFlower bud
28. GulmoharGulmoharrFlower plant
29. GulnazGulnaazBeautiful like a flower
30. GulposhGulposhhFlower covered
31. GulrangGulranngFlower-coloured
32. GulrezGulreezFlower decorator
33. GulsanamGulsanaamFlower of the sky
34. GulshanGulshaanGarden
35. GulwantGulwaantFlower face
36. GulzarilalGulzariLaalDecorated
37. GulfaamGullfaamRosy, charming
38. GurnoorGurnooorLight of God
39. GulsherGulsherrLion, brave
40. GulwinderGulwinderrFlower of Love
41. GulzarGulzaarGarden, area of flowers
42. GulamadGulamaddSlave to the master
43. GulshanbirGulshanbeirLight of the flowered garden
44. GulshanmeetGulshanmeitFriend of the flower garden
45. GulshanpreetGulshanpreitLove for the flowered garden
46. GulabGulabbRose
47. GulwinderGulwinderrFlower of Love
48. GurbakhshishGurbakhshisGod’s Blessings
49. GurcharanGurcharnAt the Guru’s Feet
50. GurnamGurnammFace of the Guru

Thank you for adventuring through our unique list of 50 Afghan baby boy names starting with G! As you prepare to welcome your future star, remember, choosing a name is more than just a tradition—it’s part of your baby’s identity. We hope our list sparked some inspiration for you. Don’t forget to check out our other baby name lists for more captivating ideas. Happy Naming!

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