50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With G: Add a Touch of Exotic Beauty

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Hey there, future mommas! Are you on the exciting journey of picking the perfect name for your little bundle of joy? Our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with G is just what you need. These beautiful, unique names add a touch of exotic charm that your baby girl will thank you for!

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Many influential figures have had Afghan baby girl names starting with G. For example, Ghazal, an Afghan refugee turned international advocate, is renowned for her work in human rights. Then there’s Ghazala, an Afghan-American politician who made it big. These names not only sound beautiful but are carried by women of strength and inspiration.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GulGul, GhulFlower
2. GulafshaGulafsa, GulafshanScatterer of Flowers
3. GulaiGulay, GuleiFlower-like
4. GulalaiGulaley, GulalayBeautiful Flower
5. GulaligulGulalgul, GulaligulLovely Flower
6. GulamGulamm, GulamLady of the Flowers
7. GulayGulaye, GulaeLike a Flower
8. GulayaGulayya, GulaiyaResembling a Flower
9. GulbaharGulbahar, GulbahareFlower of Spring
10. GulbangGulbeng, GulbhangFlower Scent
11. GulbanoGulbana, GulbanuPrincess of Flowers
12. GulbargGulberg, GulbarghPetal of a Flower
13. GulbarinGulbaren, GulbarinAdorned with Flowers
14. GulbasGulbas, GhulbasShining like a Flower
15. GulbatoolGulbatul, GulbatoolUnique Flower
16. GulbedenGulbedin, GulbedanBody like a Flower
17. GulbibiGulbiba, GulbibiLady of Flowers
18. GulbibiyaGulbibya, GulbibiyaLittle Lady of Flowers
19. GulbuddinGulbuddina, GulbuddinFlower of Religion
20. GulchehraGulchera, GulchehreFlower-faced
21. GulchehraGulchehre, GulcheraFace like a Flower
22. GuldaGulda, GuladaGold Flower
23. GuldanGuldana, GuldanFlower Bush
24. GuldastaGuldasta, GhuldastaBouquet of Flowers
25. GuldastagulGuldastaghul, GuldastagulFlower Bouquet
26. GuldenGuldena, GuldenGolden Flower
27. GuldenaGulden, GuldenaGolden Flower
28. GuldinaGuldina, GuldynaGold-like Flower
29. GuldonGuldone, GuldonaSoul of the Flower
30. GuldozaGuldoza, GhuldozaFlower Decorator
31. GuleGule, GuleeSmall Flower
32. GulehraGulehre, GulehraFace of a Flower
33. GulelaiGulelai, GuleleyBeautiful Flower
34. GulemalanGulemalan, GulemalenDaisy Flower
35. GulenaGulena, GulennaBeautiful Flower
36. GuleranaGuleranna, GuleranaBeautiful as a Flower
37. GulezGulez, GhulezRose Flower
38. GulfaGulfa, GhulfaCluster of Flowers
39. GulfamGulfamm, GulfamColor of the Flower
40. GulfamaGulfama, GulfammaIlluminated like a Flower
41. GulfemGulfem, GulfemmSmiling Flower
42. GulfidanGulfidan, GulfedenGift of the Flower
43. GulfruzGulfruz, GhulfruzBrightened Flower
44. GulghotaiGulghotei, GulghotaeTongue of the Flower
45. GulgiGulgi, GulgyLittle Flower
46. GulgineGulgina, GulginePriceless Flower
47. GulgulGulgul, GhulgulFlower upon Flower
48. GulhomaGulhoma, GulhommaDove Flower
49. GulhumaGulhuma, GulhoomaBeautiful Flower
50. GulinaGulina, GhulinaBeautiful Flower

Thanks so much for exploring our hand-picked list of 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With G. We hope you’ve found at least a few that resonate with you and inspire your baby-naming journey. Continue your search with our other specially curated baby name idea lists on our site. Remember, the perfect name for your little star is out there!

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