Cultural Discovery: 50 Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With F

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As an expecting mother, naming your baby girl is one of the first and most precious gifts you’ll give her. Our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with F offers you a glimpse into an exquisite pool of names, each resonating with rich cultural heritage and unique beauty.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Freshta, Farida, and Fahima are common Afghan baby girl names beginning with F that have been borne by notable people. For instance, Freshta is associated with Freshta Jan, a renowned social activist from Afghanistan. Farida is the name of the internationally recognized anthropologist, Dr. Farida Ahmad. Fahima, on the other hand, reminds us of Fahima Mirzaie, a famous female Sahfi’i Imam.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FaridaFareeda, FaridahUnique
FahimaFahimah, FehimaUnderstanding, Intelligent
FarzanaFarzaneh, FarzanahWise
FatemaFatima, FatemahDaughter of Prophet Mohammed
FauziaFawzia, FauziahSuccessful
FarhanaFarhanah, FarihaHappy, Joy
FerihaFerihe, FeriaHappy, Joyous
FizaFeza, FizaBreeze
FerozaFerozah, FirozaTurquoise
FakhiraFakira, FakhrPride, Glory
FereshtaFereshteh, FereshtahAngel
FalakFalaka, FelakSky
FaseehaFasiha, FaseehahPure, Clear
FridaFreeda, FreedahPeace
FulanFolan, FulaneSomeone
FirdausFirdavsi, FerdosParadise
FarzamFarzama, FarzamahWorthy
FarheenFarhin, FarhinaHappy, Joyous
FaqiraFaqirah, FaqeeraPoor, Needy
FarnazFarnaaz, FarnazahGlory
FatilaFatiha, FateelaOpening
FaranFaren, FaraanHappy
FarkhandaFarkhandah, FerakhandaHappy, Joyous
FirdowsFirdose, FirdousParadise
FirozaFirozah, FerozaTurquoise
FazilaFazeela, FazilahVirtuous, Honorable
FareehaFaree’a, FareehahHappy, Joyous
FalinaFalena, FalinahFlourishing
FalishaFalesha, FalishaLucky
FakhraFakhrah, FakraPride, Glory
FalahFala, FalaaSuccess
FatenFatena, FateneCaptivating
FazanaFazanah, FazanehIntelligent
FiryalFiryaal, FiryaleImperial
FereshtaFereshteh, FerishtaAngel
FirozehFiroza, FirozeVictorious
FaleehaFaliha, FaleehahSuccessful
FarangisFarangeese, FarangeesaBeautiful-faced
FaridehFaridah, FareedaUnique
FereshtehFereshta, FereshteyAngel
FarnooshFarnush, FarnusProsperous
FarzandFarzane, FarzandeSon, Daughter
ForouzanForoozan, ForuzanShining
FazilatFazeelat, FazilatunVirtuous, Superior
FalaknazFalaknazz, FalaknaazSky’s Glory
FarkhondehFarkhonda, Farkhonde

Thank you for diving into our list of 50 Afghan baby girl names starting with F. We hope you found some inspiring options that resonate. As you continue your journey of motherhood, we invite you to explore more of our curated baby name lists, designed to help you find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

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