50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With F: Discover Their Rich Histories

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one is such an exciting endeavor! It’s like embarking on a grand journey of discovery. If you desire a distinctive name that resonates with heritage and meaning, you’re in for a treat with our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With F.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With F

This treasure trove of names includes some carried by remarkable people. For instance, Fawad Afzal Khan is a heartthrob actor and singer known for his work in South Asian cinema. Another noteworthy name is Farid Ahmadi, a successful and inspiring Afghan football player.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FaheemFahim, FaheamIntelligent
FareedFarid, FarideUnique, Incomparable
FakhrFakhar, FakhrePride, Honor
FazilFazl, FazleVirtuous, Excellent
FarhanFarhaan, FarhaneHappy, Joyous
FawadFavad, FawaadHeart
FayyazFaiyaz, FayaazGenerous, Benevolent
FurqanFurqaan, FurkanCriterion, Proof
FahadFahaad, FayhadLeopard, Lynx
FarazFaraze, FarozeAscent, Height
FaisalFaysal, FaezalDecisive, Judge
FarrukhFarrokh, FarrukHappy, Auspicious
FidaFeda, FeedahSacrifice
FakirFakeer, FakerePoor, Needy
FerozFerose, FirozSuccessful, Victorious
FahmiFahmii, FaheemiUnderstanding, Intelligent
FikriFiqri, FikreeIntellectual, Thoughtful
FazalFazl, FazlaGrace, Superior
FawazFawaaz, FawzSuccessful, Triumph
FazlurFazlour, FazlorKindness, Grace
FidaaFidah, FidaeRedemption, Sacrifice
FayzanFaizan, PhaizanBeneficence, Generosity
FazliFazlee, FazlyGoodness, Grace
FirozeFiroz, FiruzeTurquoise, Victorious
FadaFadda, FadaaProtector, Guardian
FalaqFalak, PhalaqDawn, Morning
FakirullahFakeerullah, FakirullaPoor in the eyes of God
FarooqFaruq, FarookOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood
FakhriFakri, FakhreeHonor, Glory
FarzanFarzaan, PharzanWise, Learned
FazlullahFazlulla, FazlollahGrace of God
FaqeerFaqir, FaqeirPoor, Needy
FasihFaseeh, FasiheEloquent, Articulate
FawzanFauzan, FawzaneVictorious, Successful
FahmiullahFahmiulla, FahmiollahGod’s understanding
FaheemullahFaheemulla, FaheemollahGod’s intelligence
FarhatFarhath, PharhatJoy, Delight
FazlinFazlinn, FazlynnGraceful, Noble
FareeqFareek, FareequeLieutenant, Leader
FakhrullahFakhrulla, FakrullahGlory of God
FaisurFaisoor, FaisoorMighty, Strong
FattahFateh, FatahOpener, Victor
FikharFiqhar, FikhaarGlory, Pride
FaisaluddinFaisaluDeen, FaisaludinJudge of religion
FazlellahFazlella, FazlellahGrace of God
FarafisaPharafisa, FarafeesaDistinguished, Magnificent
FidaullahFidaulla, FidahullahSacrifice to God

Thanks for exploring our carefully curated list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With F! We hope these unique names inspire and excite you. Remember, naming your baby is a wonderful journey filled with discovery and joy. Be sure to check out more of our comprehensive baby name idea lists on our site, and happy naming!

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