Biblical Brilliance: 50 Baby Girl Names Beginning With B

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Hello fabulous mom-to-be! Welcome on board as we journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with B. These names, steeped in history and rich in meaning, are ready to bestow timeless grace and charm onto your future daughter.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with B

Let’s draw inspiration from remarkable figures such as Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer who overcame a shark attack, or Brooke Fraser, a music artist known for her soul-stirring Christian songs. We also can’t forget Bernice King, the youngest daughter of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BethBethy, BethieHouse of God
BeulahBeula, BeulahhMarried
BilhahBilha, BillahBashful
BasemathBasmath, BasemathhFragrant
BereniceBernice, BereniseShe who brings victory
BathshebaBathshebah, BatshevaDaughter of the oath
BerniceBerenice, BerniseShe who brings victory
BethsaidaBethsayda, BethsidaHouse of hunting
BerachahBeraca, BerachahhBlessing
BithiahBithya, BityaDaughter of Yahweh
BethelBethelle, BethellHouse of God
BeeriBeerri, BeeryWell
BithronBithrone, BithronnDivided
BethanyBethanie, BethannieHouse of figs
Beth-zurBethzur, BethzourHouse of rock
BethazmavethBethazmaveth, BethazmawethHouse of death’s strength
BariahBaria, BarriahFugitive
BazlithBazlyth, BazlitheDignified
BoscathBoscathh, BoscathIn poverty
BelaBelah, BellahDestruction
Beth-lehemBethlehem, BethlemHouse of bread
BarzillaiBarzillay, BarzillahIron
Beth-peletBethpelet, BethpeletteHouse of escape
BethulBethulle, BethullSeparated
Baalath-beerBaalathbeer, BaalathbeirMistress of the well
Beth-arabahBetharabah, Beth-ArabahHouse of desert
Beth-barahBethbarah, BethbaraHouse of crossing
Beth-diblathaimBethdiblathaim, Beth-DiblathaimHouse of two fig cakes
Beth-gaderBethgader, BethgadrHouse of fortune
Beth-gamulBethgamul, BethgamoulHouse of recompense
Beth-hacceremBethhaccerem, Beth-HacceremHouse of vineyard
Beth-le-aphrahBethleaphrah, Beth-LeaphrahHouse of dust
Beth-mar-cabothBethmarcaboth, Beth-MarcabothHouse of chariots
Beth-nimrahBethnimrah, Beth-NimrahHouse of leopard
Beth-pazzezBethpazzez, Beth-PazzezHouse of separation
Beth-racabBethracab, Beth-RacabHouse of rider
Beth-sheanBethshean, Beth-SheanHouse of rest
Beth-shemeshBethshemesh, Beth-ShemeshHouse of the sun
Beth-tappuahBethtappuah, Beth-TappuahHouse of apples
BilshanBilshann, BilshahnSon of the tongue
BashemathBashmath, BasemathFragrant
BethlehemBethlem, BethleemHouse of bread
BethsaidaBethsayda, BethsidaHouse of hunting
BethanyBethanie, BethannieHouse of figs
BethelBethelle, BethellHouse of God
Thank you for joining us on this divine journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with B. We hope you’ve found inspiration, and maybe even the perfect name, within these time-honored names. For more naming inspiration, feel free to check out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. Here’s to the beautiful journey of motherhood!

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