50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With C for a Legacy

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Howdy, mama-to-be! Come join us on a spiritual journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with C. These names intertwine traditional roots with timeless grace, perfect for your precious little one.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with C

Let’s take a leaf out of the books of remarkable figures such as Cyrus McCormick, the inventor of the modern reaper, or Caleb Bradham, the pharmacist who invented Pepsi. Let’s not forget Chad Johnson, the NFL wide receiver, who has made a name for himself on and off the field.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CainKain, CainePossession
CalebKaleb, CalbWhole-hearted
CarmiCarmie, CarmyVine-dresser
CanaanKanaan, CannanMerchant
ChedorlaomerChedorlaomar, ChedolaomerHandful of sheaves
ClopasCleopas, KloupasRenowned father
CorneliusCornelis, CorneliHorn
CyrpusCypris, CiprusFair
CarmeloCarmello, CarmeliFruitful land
CuthahCutah, CoothahUniversal
ChiliabKiliab, ChilyabComplete
ChebarChebaar, KhebarLength
CenchreaeKenthreae, KenchreaeMillet
CarmelCarmell, CarmlVineyard
CappadociaCappadocea, KappadoceaProvince of good horses
CrescensKrescens, ChrisGrowing
CnidusKnidus, CnydusNettle
ChaldeaKhaldea, ChaldeahAs demons
CedronCedorn, CedranDark
CrespusCrespos, CrespisCurly-haired
CaphtorCaphtorr, KaphtorSphere
CyprusCypris, SyprusLove
CarpusCarpuss, CharpusFruit, profits
Caleb-EphratahCalebephratah, KalbephratahWhole-hearted and fruitful
CabbonKabbon, KabboneAs though understanding
ChelubaiKhalubai, ChelubaCage
ChelalKhalal, ChelallLike the night
CozCozz, KozThorns
CuthCuthe, KuthBurning
ChilionKilion, ChilioneFinished
CainanKainan, CainnanPossession
CalnehCalne, KalnehFort of Anu
CalcolCalkool, KalkoolNourishing
CalahKala, KalahCompletion
CheranKheran, CherenHorn
ChesedKhesed, ChesedeIncrease
ChesullothKhesuloth, ChesulothFear
ChislonKhislon, ChisloneConfidence
Chisloth-taborKhislothtabor, ChislothtaberFlanks of Tabor
ChittemKhittem, KhittimBruisers
ChimhamKhimham, ChimhemTheir longing
ChloeKhloe, CloeVerdant
ChorashanKhorashan, CorashanSmoker
CosamKosam, CosammDivining
CozbiKozi, KozbiFalse
Chushan-rishathaimKhushanrishathaim, ChushanrshathaimTwice wicked of Cushan
CharchemishKharchemish, KarkemishFortress of Chemosh
CushanKhushan, KoushanBlackness
CushKhush, KushBlack

Thank you for sharing this spiritual voyage through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with C with us. We hope it has ignited a spark of inspiration for you, and perhaps you’ve discovered the perfect name for your future champ. Remember, we have more baby name lists on our site filled with meaningful options. Happy naming!

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