Cradling Love: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With C

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Hello, wonderful mom-to-be! Welcome aboard as we embark on a beautiful journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with C. These cherished names, steeped in tradition and filled with grace, await your darling baby girl.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with C

Drawing inspiration from influential figures, such as Clara Barton, a pioneering nurse during the Civil War, or Catherine Booth, the co-founder of The Salvation Army. We also celebrate Carrie Underwood, the award-winning country singer, who charms us with her virtuous persona and delightful music.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CandaceCandice, KandaceQueen mother
ChloeKhloe, ChloeeYoung green shoot
CamonKamon, CammonHis resurrection
CarmelCarmella, KarmelGarden, orchard
CarcasKarcas, CarcassKnower
ChilionKillion, ChilyonFinished, complete
ChanaHannah, HanaGrace, favor
CarmiKarmi, CarmieVine dresser
CharityCharitee, CharitiLove, kindness
CherithKherith, CheritCut, slain
CalahKalah, CalaCompletion
CalnehKalneh, CalneFort of Anu
ChenaniKhenani, ChenanyMy pillar
ChloeChloee, KloeyBlooming, fertility
ClaudaKlauda, CloudeLame
ClaudiaKlaudia, ClodiaEnclosure
ClemantineKlemantine, ClemantinaMild, merciful
CrescensKresens, CressensIncreasing, growing
CyreneSyrene, KireneSupreme power
CapernaumKaperneum, CapernumVillage of comfort
CedarsCedars, KedarsBlack
ChittimKittim, ChitimBruisers
ChorazinKorazin, ChorazimSecret, here is a mystery
CushanKoushan, CusanBlack
CuthKuth, CoothBurning
ChanaanKanaan, CanaanMerchant, trader
CarmelaCarmella, KarmelaGod’s vineyard
CherithKerith, CherythCut
CanaKana, CannaZeal, jealousy
CiliciaKilikia, SiliciaWhich rolls or overturns
ChinnerethKinnereth, ChinneretHarp-shaped
ConaniahConanijah, KonaniahMade by the Lord
CiliciaKilicia, SiliciaThe land of Celix
CaudaKauda, KaudiaTail
ChebarKhebar, ChebaarForce, strength
ChesilKesil, ChasilFool
ChislothtaborChisloth-tabur, KislothtaborFlanks of Tabor
ChilionKilion, ChilyonWasting, pining
CinnerothKinneroth, SinerothThey are lute-players
ChittimKittim, KitimThose that bruise or break
CozbiKozbi, KosbiMy falsehood
CaphtorKaphtor, KafthorA sphere, buckle, or hand
CushiKushi, KusiMy Cushite, my blackness
ChelubaiKheleubai, CheleubayHe altogether against him
CarcasKarkas, KarcassSevere, lamb
CarmiKarimi, CarimyMy vineyard

Thank you for sharing this divine journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with C with us. We hope you’ve found inspiration, and possibly the perfect name for your future bundle of joy. For more thrilling naming journeys, feel free to peruse the other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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