50 Divine Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With D

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Hey, beautiful mama-to-be! Get ready to dive into a sea of divine names as we explore 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with D. These names, steeped in faith and tradition, offer a meaningful identity for your little one.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with D

From the annals of history, figures such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, or David Beckham, the globally-renowned soccer player, grace our list. There’s also Daniel Radcliffe, the actor best known for his title role in the Harry Potter film series.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DavidDavide, DavydBeloved
DanielDanial, DanyelGod is my judge
DanDann, DannielTo judge
DariusDareus, DariushWealthy
DionysiusDionysios, DionisiusDevoted to Dionysos
DinahDina, DynahJudged, acquitted
DorcasDorkas, DorkusGazelle
DecapolisDekapolis, DecapoliTen cities
DeuelD’uel, DuellKnown of God
DodavahDodawah, DodevahHis love
DothanDothain, DothamLaws, edicts
DibriDibre, DeebriMy word, my bee
DodoDodo, DohdoHis beloved
DamascusDammascos, DamaskosSilent is the sackcloth weaver
DabbashethDabbashet, DabbashothFlowing with honey
DivonDyvon, DevonNatural
DibonDeebon, DibohnAbundance of knowledge
DimonahDemonah, DimohnaSouth
DedanDeden, DeedanTheir breasts
DishanDeeshan, DishannThresher
DishonDishen, DeeshonSpringing, leaping
DiklahDikla, DeklahPalm tree
DionDyohn, DeonOf Zeus
DerbeDerbey, D’erbeyJuniper tree
DerorDeror, D’erorBird, freedom
DebirDeebir, D’ebirSanctuary
DipperDippor, D’ipporBird, freedom
DionysusDionysos, DionisusDevoted to Dionysos
DodanimDodaneem, DodanymLeaders
DodavahuDodavahue, DodavahuLove of Jehovah
DoegDoheg, Do’egFearful
DophkahDophka, DofkahKnocking
DorDhor, DoorGeneration, habitation
DardaDarda, DardahPearl of wisdom
DumahDoomah, DumaSilence
DunashDonash, DunoshTo be strong
EderEdar, EdderFlock
EladahElada, EladahGod has adorned
ElasahElasea, ElasahGod has made
ElizaphanElizaphen, ElizafanGod has hidden
ElihuElyhu, ElihouHe is my God
EliamElyam, EliammGod is my people
EliathahEliatha, EliathahThou art my God
EliteElit, ElyteSuperior
ElidadElidad, ElydadBeloved of God
EliezerEliezar, ElyezerMy God is help
EliashibElyashib, EliasshibGod will restore
ElioenaiElyoenai, ElihoenaiToward him are my eyes

Thank you for joining us on this divine journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with D. We hope it has sparked inspiration and helped you step closer to finding the perfect name for your baby boy. We invite you to delve deeper into our other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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