Discover Grace: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With D

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Hello, supermom-to-be! Come with us on an enriching voyage into 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with D. Holding both tradition and grace, these names are the perfect beacon of faith for your infant.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with D

From famous figures, we have Diana Ross, an acclaimed singer and actress, who’s been an inspiration to many. We also admire Doris Day, a celebrated actress and singer, known for her captivating performances and philanthropy. Then there’s Diane Sawyer, the esteemed broadcast journalist, whose commitment to truth has left its mark.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DeborahDebra, DeborrahBee
DinahDina, DynaJudged, acquitted
DelilahDalila, DelilaDelicate, weak
DamarisDamris, DamariusGentle, calf
DiblathDiblah, DiblathaDouble, twofold
DrusillaDrusila, DrucillaFruitful, dewy
DanaDaana, DainaJudge
DannahDanna, DanahJudging
DaphahDafa, DafahMelting
DarahDara, DarrahGeneration, house
DardaDarda, DaridaPearl of wisdom
DashenaDasheena, DashinaFlock of sheep
DiklahDikla, DeklahPalm tree
DionahDiona, DyonaDivine
DorcasDorkas, DorcassGazelle, deer
DothanDhothan, DothainTwo wells
DibonDibona, DybonAbundance of knowledge
DimonaDimonah, DymonaSouth
DishonDishona, DyshonAntelope, gazelle
DizahabDizhab, DyzaabRegion of gold
DorDore, DoraGeneration
DusharaDusharah, DusharMountain of god
DalphonDalphonah, DalphonaWeeping
DalaiahDalayah, DalayiahPoor, humble
DalilahDalila, DelilahLanguishing, weak
DalmanuthaDalmanutah, DalmanutaSlow, wean
DamalisDamalys, DamaleesCalf
DanDhan, DannJudge
DannahDhannah, DannahaJudging
DarothDarotha, DarotGenerations
DauidDaudi, DawidBeloved
DerbeDherbe, DerbeeJuniper tree
DeroraDerorah, DheroraBird, swallow
DesheDeshee, DeshaHerb, grass
DezirDezyr, DezireDesire
DiblaimDiblaime, DibleimPressed fig cakes
DinabitDinabite, DinabeetGiven by Dina
DishanDishaan, DisehanThreshing
DivonDiveon, DivoneNatural
DodiDodie, DodeeMy beloved
DodavahDodava, DodawahLove of Jehovah
DoegDoheg, Do’egFearful
DophkahDofkah, DophkaKnocking
DorcasDorkas, DorkassGazelle
DothanDhothan, DothainTwo wells
DrusillaDrusila, DrusyllaStrong

Thank you for joining us on this journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with D. We hope that this list has ignited inspiration and perhaps led you to the perfect name for your darling girl. Don’t forget to explore other baby name idea lists on our site to fuel your inspiration! Happy naming!

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