Echoes of Faith: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With E

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s embark on a fascinating exploration of 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with E. These names, steeped in faith, tradition, and grace, are waiting to be discovered for your little one.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with E

Influential figures like Eli Manning, the former professional football quarterback, or Elijah Wood, the acclaimed actor known for his role as Frodo in ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ give luster to our list. We also mustn’t forget Ethan Hawke, the renowned actor, writer, and director recognized for his impactful roles.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EthanEathan, EthenEnduring, strong
ElijahElija, ElijiahMy God is Yahweh
EnochEnock, EnocDedicated
EzekielEzequiel, EzikielGod will strengthen
EzraEzrah, EsraHelp
EliEly, EllyAscended, uplifted
EmmanuelEmanuell, ImmanuelGod is with us
ElishaElishah, EleshaGod is salvation
EphraimEfraym, EphrayimFruitful
EliezerEliyzer, EleazarMy God helps
EsauEsav, EsaauHairy
EliabEliyab, EliaabMy God is father
EleazarEleazer, EleasarGod has helped
EliamEliyam, ElyamGod’s people
EphahEpha, EfahDarkness, gloom
EliphazEliphaz, EliphasMy God is gold
EberEber, EberrRegion beyond
EliadaEliyada, ElyadaGod knows
ElasahElasha, ElyasahGod has made
EliudElioud, ElyudGod is majestic
EliakimEliyakim, ElyakimGod will establish
ElnathanElanathan, ElnatanGod has given
EdenEdan, EedenPlace of pleasure
ElioenaiElieonai, ElihoenaiToward God are my eyes
EltoladEltolat, EltoldaGod is generation
ElzabadElzabad, ElzabedGod has bestowed
ElizurElizur, ElizourMy God is a rock
EviEvy, EviyWicked, perverse
EleadEleed, EleaadGod has testified
EldaahEldaach, EldaahGod has known
ElipheletEliphelete, EliphaletMy God is deliverance
EliphalEliphel, EliphealGod is judge
EpaphrasEpaphro, EpaphrassLovely, charming
EpaenetusEpaenetos, EpenetusPraised, commendable
ErastusErastos, ErastasBeloved, lovely
EubulusEuboulos, EubulussGood counselor
EuodiasEuodia, EuodiahGood journey
EuniceEunike, EunikaGood victory
EuphratesEuphrate, EuphratasThat makes fruitful
EutychusEutychos, EutycusFortunate, lucky
EliphelehEliphelet, ElifelethGod of deliverance
ElizaphanElizafan, ElizaanGod has hidden
ElihorephElireph, ElihorefGod of winter
ElpaletElpaal, ElpaletGod of deliverance
EliphalEliphelet, EliphelehGod is judge
EliadaElidad, EliyadaGod knows
EleasahElasah, ElyasahGod has made
ElkanahElqanah, ElkanaGod has purchased
ElizurElize, ElizourMy God is a rock
ElonEloan, ElownOak

And there you have it, our curated list of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with E. We wholeheartedly thank you for joining us on this illuminating journey. We hope you found a name that resonates, and perhaps, the perfect one for your future bundle of joy. Remember, our other baby name lists are waiting for you on our site for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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