Emanate Grace: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With E

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Hello, glowing mama-to-be! Let’s set sail on a beautiful journey through 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with E. Filled with faith, grace, and rich history, these names are waiting to be discovered for your baby girl.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with E

Embodying our list are luminaries like Eva Longoria, the talented actress known for her captivating roles, Ella Fitzgerald, the “First Lady of Song”, who has adorned the world of music with her voice. And of course, Eva Green, the French actress famed for her distinctive roles.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EveEva, EvieLife, living
EstherEster, EsthrStar
ElizabethElisabeth, ElizabetGod is my oath
EuniceEunis, EunyceGood victory
EdnaEdnah, EdinaDelight
ElianaEllyana, EliannaMy God has answered
ElishaElisia, ElishiaGod is my salvation
EliseElize, ElisseGod’s promise
EdithEdythe, EditheJoy, happiness
ElmiraElmaira, ElmireNoble
EmmanuelleEmmanuella, EmanuelleGod is with us
EvangelineEvangelin, EvangelynBearer of good news
EthelEthelle, EthelNoble
EudociaEudocea, EudoxiaEsteemed
EugenieEugenia, EuginieWell-born, noble
EuraEure, EurahFrom the East
EustaciaEustace, EustachiaFruitful, productive
EutropiaEutropie, EutropiahVersatile, adaptable
EulaliaEulalie, UllaliaWell-spoken
EurydiceEurydyce, EurydicyaWide justice
EvitaEvetta, EvitahLife
EwaEva, EwaLife, animal
EydieEidy, EydeenStrife for wealth
EleoraEleorah, EloraGod is my light
ElioraElyora, EliorahMy God is my light
ElviraElvera, ElvireAll true
ElysiaElichia, EliciaBlissful, delightful
EmeldaEmellda, EmeldeEntire battle
EmiliaEmelia, EmiliahRival
EnaEena, EnahFire
EndoraEndorra, EndorahFountain
EnyaEenya, EnyahKernel
EponineEpona, EponinHorse Goddess
ErelahErela, ErelahAngel
EriErie, EryMy city
EricaErika, ErickaEternal ruler
EsmeEsmae, EsmaiEsteemed, loved
EssaEssah, EsaStar
EsteeEstea, EstieStar
EtanaEtanah, EtannaDedication, strength
EudoraEudorah, EudooraGenerous gift
EugeniaEugena, EuginaBorn well
EvadneEvadnie, EvadneeWater nymph
EvannaEvana, EvannahRight-handed
EvanneEvane, EvannFair
EveliaEvelya, EveliahLife
EverlyEverlie, EverleighFrom the boar meadow

And that’s a wrap on our guided tour through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with E. We’re so thankful that you joined us on this enlightening journey. We sincerely hope that we’ve sparked some inspiration, and perhaps, you’ve found the ideal name for your darling daughter. Remember, there’s plenty more inspiration to be had in our other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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