Fostering Faith: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With F

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Hey there, radiant mama-to-be! Join us on an enlightening adventure through 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with F. These names, seeped in deep faith and rich tradition, are the perfect starting point for your little one’s naming story.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with F

Celebrating our list are stalwarts like Franklin Graham, the renowned Christian evangelist, and Fred Hammond, the Grammy-winning gospel singer, whose music has touched countless lives. And let’s not forget Francis Chan, the American preacher known for his impactful sermons.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FelixFelyx, FeliksHappy, fortunate
FestusFestis, FestsJoyful, festive
FortunatusFortunato, FortunatosFortunate, lucky
FaustusFausto, FaustosLucky, fortunate
FelixFeliks, FelizHappy, lucky
FeranFeron, FerunAdventurous, bold
FenuelFaniuel, FenuelFace of God
FlaviusFlavios, FlavyusGolden, yellow
FlorentFlorens, FlorentsBlooming, flourishing
FonziFonzie, FonzyFree man
FergusFurgus, FergysMan of force
FrasierFrazer, FrazierStrawberry
FraleyFraleigh, FraleeForeigner
FragosoFragosso, FragosWild, untamed
FracoFracco, FraakoFree
FremontFree, FreedFreedom
FroilanFroilano, FroilanHappy, cheerful
FalaFalah, FalaaRise, ascend
FaroFarro, FaroeLighthouse
FidelFidell, FidelioFaithful
FidencioFidensio, FydencioFaithful
FiloFylo, FilloLove
FirthFyrth, FirtheForest stream
FlacoFlacco, FlakoThin, slim
FleckFlek, FlekkSpeckled
FlexFlecs, FleksBendable
FletchFletsch, FlechArrow maker
FlintFlynt, FflintStream
FlipFflip, FflipeHorse lover
FlorFlohr, FlhorFlower
FlorisFloriz, FlorysFlourishing
FloydFloid, FloedGray, hoary
FlynnFlyn, FlinnSon of the red-haired
FochFosch, FochsSeagull
FolaFolah, FollaHonor, glory
FolkeFolkee, FolkiPeople, tribe
ForbesForbs, ForbisProsperous
FordForde, FordyRiver crossing
ForesterForestter, ForestorWoods, forest
FoscoFosko, FoscoeDark, dusky
FrancoFranko, FranccoFree man
FranklynFranklen, FranklyneFree landholder
FraserFrasier, FrazerStrawberry
FrazierFrazer, FrazziStrawberry
FreanFreaan, FreenNobleman, ardent
FreemanFreman, FrimanFree man
FrewinFrewinn, FruinNoble friend

That brings us to the end of our enlightening exploration of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with F. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey. We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration and perhaps, helped you find the ideal name for your future son. Don’t forget, our other baby name lists are ready to inspire you on our site. Happy naming!

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