Fabulous Finds: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With F

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Hello, beautiful mama-to-be! Let’s embark on a name-choosing adventure filled with faith, love, and blessings through 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with F. These divine names are ready to be chosen for your precious baby girl.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Starting with F

Celebrated women like Felicity Huffman, the award-winning actress, and Fiona Apple, the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, bring our list to life. Additionally, Frances McDormand, the remarkable actress and producer, embodies the strength and grace of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FaithFaye, FaeTrust, belief
FarrahFarah, FaraBeautiful, joyous
FelicityFelicita, FelicyHappiness, good luck
FernFerne, FearneSincere, ardent
FionaFionna, FyonaWhite, fair
FleurFluer, FleuraFlower
FlorenceFlorencia, FlorenBlossoming
FranFrann, FranFrom France, free woman
FrancesFransis, FransesFree, from France
FreyaFreyja, FreiaNoble woman
FridaFryda, FidaPeace
FiaFya, FiahDark of peace
FideliaFydelia, FideliahFaithful
FinaFyna, FeenaBurned one
FleurFleura, FluorFlower
FloraFlohra, FlorahFlower
FredaFreeda, FriedaPeaceful ruler
FreidaFreeda, FriedaPeace, joy
FeliciaFelisha, FelishiaHappy, auspicious
FayeFay, FeiFairy
FinolaFynola, FionolaWhite shoulders
FuscienneFuscien, FuscianeDark, swarthy
FortunaFortunna, FortuniaLuck, fortune
FulviaFulvia, FulviahYellow, gold
FinaFeena, FinahHe will add
FletaFletah, FleitaSwift
FialaFyala, FialahViolet
FioraFiorah, FyoraFlower
FrasiaFrasea, FrasiahShelter
FlorianaFlorianna, FlorianeFlowering
FontaineFontane, FontayneFountain, water source
FranieFrany, FraniFrom France, free woman
FritziFritzy, FritziePeaceful ruler
FaviannaFaviannah, FavianaLucky
FayetteFayetta, FayeteLittle fairy
FlavieFlavy, FlavieGolden, blonde
FlossieFlossy, FlosiFlowering, blooming
FritzieFritzee, FritzeyPeaceful ruler
FulviaFulvya, FulveaYellow
FabiaFabya, FabiahLovely bean
FabianaFabyana, FabianeBean grower
FabiolaFabyola, FabiollaLovely bean
FadiaFadya, FadiahSaviour
FairuzaFairuzah, FairoozaTurquoise
FaridaFareeda, FaridahUnique, precious pearl
FarzanaFarzane, FarzanahWise, intelligent
FathiaFathiya, FathiahVictory, triumphant
FaustinaFaustine, FaustynaLucky, fortunate

And there we are, at the end of our enlightening exploration of 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with F. We’re thrilled you joined us on this journey. Hopefully, you found a name that touched your heart, and perhaps, the perfect one for your little angel. More baby name ideas are waiting to inspire you on our site. Happy naming!

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