Gift of God: 50 Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With G

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s embark on an inspiring journey through 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with G. Overflowing with grace and history, these names await your discovery to adorn your precious baby boy.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with G

Prominent figures such as George Washington, the first U.S. President, and Gary Oldman, the acclaimed actor, bring glory to our list. Additionally, Gabriel Macht, known for his role in the popular TV series ‘Suits’, carries one of these august names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabrielGabriele, GabrGod is my strength
GideonGedeon, GidonWoodcutter
GeorgeGeorg, GiorgioFarmer
GalenGale, GalinCalm, healer
GamalGamali, GamelCamel
GarebGharib, GarebbScabby
GomerGomar, GommerTo finish, complete
GaulGhaul, GaolStranger
GavrielGavrielle, GavreelGod is my strength
GazaGazah, GazzaStrong
GedeonGedeone, GideonDestroyer
GehaziGehazie, GehazyValley of vision
GershomGershon, GershomExile
GiladGilade, GyleadHill of witness
GimzoGimzoh, GimzoaFertile in sycamores
GoliathGolyath, GoliathaExile
GovindGovinda, GovindeFinder of cows
GuriGury, GurrieMy young lion
GadGadd, GadeFortune, luck
GaiusGaios, GayusRejoice
GamalielGamalie, GamalGod is my reward
GehennaGeenna, GehanaValley of Hinom
GerizimGerizima, GerizeCutters
GethsemaneGethsemene, GethsemanaOil press
GolgothaGolgota, GolgothPlace of a skull
GomerGomar, GommerTo finish, complete
GoshenGosan, GohenDrawing near
GadaraGadar, GadraFortress
GalileeGalilea, GalyleeCircuit, district
GilboaGilboah, GilboeFountain of ebullition
GilgalGilgale, GilgallWheel, revolution
GileadGileed, GileaddThe heap or mass of testimony
GoshenGoshan, GoshinDrawing near
GarizimGarisim, GarizimaCutters
GerarGerarr, GerareA region, a lodging-place
GibeahGibbeah, GibbeaA hill
GibbethonGibbethan, GibbethoneAn elevated place
GibeonGibeohn, GibeionHill city
GiddelGiddell, GiddelleGreat
GideonGiddeon, GiddeanHe that bruises
GilalaiGilalay, GilaliaA wheel made glad
GilohGilloh, GiloaHe that rejoices
GilohGilow, GiloeHe that rejoices
GimzoGimzoe, GimzoaFertile in sycamores
GinathGinat, GinathhA garden
GirgashiteGirgashit, GirgashWho approaches the stranger
GispaGispah, GisppaA coming hither

That concludes our enlightening journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with G. We’re thrilled you joined us, and we hope we’ve sparked some inspiration. Perhaps, you’ve even found the perfect name for your baby boy. More naming wonders await on our lists on our site. Happy naming!

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