God’s Gift: 50 Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With G

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Hello, blooming mama-to-be! Let’s unravel the beauty of 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with G. Bursting with divine grace and love, these names are ready to add a biblical touch to your baby girl’s identity.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Beginning with G

Our list is graced by powerful women like Grace Kelly, the American actress turned Princess of Monaco, and Gloria Estefan, the Queen of Latin Pop. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow, the award-winning actress, carries one of these charming names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GabbyGabbi, GabbieGod’s bravest woman
GabrielleGabriele, GabbyGod is my strength
GalileeGalilea, GalleeGod’s province
GaleGail, GaileFather’s joy
GalenaGalina, GalineCalm
GalyaGaliya, GalyahGod’s wave
GalinaGaline, GalenaGod’s serene child
GailGale, GayleLively, cheerful
GemmaGema, GemmahPrecious stone
GenesisGenisis, GenesissBeginning
GennyGennie, GeniFair one
GeorgetteGeorgia, GeorginaFarmer
GeorgieGeorgia, GeorgyFarmer
GeraldineGeri, GerriRuler with spear
GertrudeGertie, TrudyStrong spear
GiaGiah, GiyaGod’s gracious gift
GiadaGiadah, GiadeJade
GiannaGiana, GiannahGod is gracious
GilanaGilanna, GilanahJoy
GladysGladyss, GladdisRoyalty, princess
GlendaGlendah, GlennieGood, fair
GlennaGlennah, GlenaFrom the valley
GloriaGlorria, GloryGlory
GraceGrayce, GracieGrace of God
GracenGraycen, GracynGrace
GraciaGraciah, GracyaGrace, favour
GretaGretah, GrettaPearl
GretchenGretchin, GrettaPearl
GwendaGwenn, GwenFair, holy
GwenethGwyneth, GwenythBlessed, happy
GwennGwen, GwyneWhite, fair
GwynGwynn, GwynneWhite, fair
GayleGale, GailFather in rejoicing
GenevieveGenivieve, GeneveTribe woman
GeraldineGeradline, GeriMighty with a spear
GemmaGema, JemmaGem, jewel
GiaJia, GiahGod is gracious
GildaGuilda, GildahGolden, gilded
GingerJinger, GingrPure
GiovannaJiovanna, GeovannaGod is gracious
GracelynnGracelin, GracelynGraceful waterfall
GuinevereGwenevere, GuenevereFair one
GiselleGisselle, GizzellePledge, hostage
GoldieGoldy, GoldenMade of gold
GraceannGraciane, GracyannGraceful and merciful
GretaGrete, GrettePearl
GretelGretl, GrettelLittle pearl

We’ve reached the end of our journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with G. We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps the perfect name for your little girl. Our site is filled with more baby name ideas, ready to inspire you further on your naming journey. Happy naming!

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