50 Humble Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With H

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Welcome to an exciting voyage through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with H. Overflowing with heavenly meanings, these names are ready to bless your little one with a divine touch.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with H

Prominent figures such as Harrison Ford, the renowned actor, and Henry Cavill, the beloved Superman actor, grace our list. Also, Howard Hughes, the famous business magnate, carries one of these honorable names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HabakkukHabakuk, HabbakukEmbrace
HachiHachy, HachieGod’s promise
HadaHadah, HaddaJoyful
HaggaiHagai, HaggayFeast, solemnity
HananHanen, HanonGracious
HananiahHananiya, HananGod has been gracious
HezekiahHezakiah, HezekyaGod’s strength
HoseaHoshea, HoseahSalvation
HaggithHagith, HaggisFestive
HanielHaneil, HanialGift of God
HelemHeleam, HelimDream, vision
HemanHemann, HemanFaithful
HoramHoran, HorramMountainous
HomerHomar, HommerSecurity, pledge
HamanHamann, HamaanMagnificent
HanameelHanamiele, HanamelGod is gracious
HashabnahHashabna, HashabnaGod has considered
HiddaiHiddaie, HiddaiPraise, joy
HillelHilel, HilellHe has praised
HiramHyram, HiramNoble
HobabHobabb, HobabeLove, friendship
HodaiahHodaia, HodayahPraise of God
HoriHorie, HoryCave, dove
HoseaHoseah, HosaiahSalvation
HubalHubale, HuballLove
HukkokHukkoke, HukkakEngraved
HushaiHushaie, HushaySilent, hasting
HelonHelonn, HeloneWindow, grief
HazoHazoe, HazowVision
HachaliahHachalia, HachalDark, who hides
HadadrimmonHadadrimmone, HadrimmonInvocation to the god Rimmon
HadiHadie, HadyLeader, guide
HadrielHadriele, HadrelSplendour of God
HaggaiHagai, HaggayFeast, solemnity
HalalHalale, HalallPraise
HallamHallame, HallammWorld
HamathHamathe, HamathhFortress
HamonHamonn, HamoneMultitude, noise
HanameelHanameele, HanmeelGod is gracious
HasabiahHasabia, HasabyahGod has considered
HashumHashume, HashummSilent, crushed
HeberHebere, HeberCompanion
HelemHeleme, HelemmDream, vision
HelonHelonn, HeloneWindow, grief
HemamHemame, HemammThey heat them
HenaHenah, HennaTroubling

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