50 Heartfelt Biblical Baby Girl Names Beginning With H

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Hello, glowing mama-to-be! Let’s embark on an inspiring journey through 50 biblical baby girl names beginning with H. Brimming with heavenly grace and profound meanings, these names are ready to accentuate your little girl’s divine charm.

Notable People with Biblical Girl Names Beginning with H

Our list is adorned with names carried by influential women like Helen Mirren, the esteemed British actress, and Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State. The talented actress Halle Berry also carries one of these beautiful names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HadassahHadassa, HadasaMyrtle tree
HagarHagar, HagerFlight
HalahHala, HalaaMole, space
HamutalHamutah, HamutaFather-in-law’s dew
HannahHanna, HanaGracious
HarmonyHarmoni, HarmonieUnity, concord
HavilahHavila, HaviCircular
HazelHazell, HazelleHazel tree
HeavenHeavan, HevynSky, paradise
HelenHelena, HeleneLight
HephzibahHefziba, HafzibaMy delight is in her
HeroHeroe, HiroHero, heroine
HilaryHillary, HillarieCheerful
HoneyHonie, HonneySweet
HopeHopie, HopiHope, trust, faith
HosannaHosana, HosannahDeliver us
HadrielHadriele, HadriellGlory of God
HalleHally, HalliHallelujah
HavynHavin, HavenSafe place
HesterHesther, HestirStar
HezirHezire, HezirahSwine
HierusalemHierusalema, HierusalemeVision of peace
HilaHilla, HilahHalo, aura
HilanahHilana, HilaniahRest, quiet
HildiHildie, HildyBattle woman
HuldaHuldah, HulaWeasel, mole
HadrielHadriele, HadriellGlory of God
HalleHally, HalliHallelujah
HarrietHarriett, HarrietaEstate ruler
HelahHelaa, HelahhRust
HenHenn, HenniGrace, favor
HilaHilla, HilahHalo, aura
HodiahHodia, HodiyahThe praise of the Lord
HuldahHulda, HuldahWeasel, mole
HazelelponiHazelelponia, HazelelponieFacing the shadow
HerodiasHerodiase, HerodiasHeroic
HersiliaHersylia, HersilliDelicate
HesperHespera, HespirEvening star
HildredHildrede, HildreddBattle counselor
HollisHollice, HollissHolly trees
HomeriaHomerya, HomeriyaHomeland
HonorataHonorat, HonoritaHonored one
HortenseHortens, HortensiaGarden, orchard
HubertaHuberte, HubertinaBright mind
HyacinthHyacynthe, HyacynthBlue larkspur, precious stone
HydrangeaHydrangeia, HydrangiaWater vessel
HymnalHymnale, HymnallSong of praise

That concludes our enriching journey through 50 Biblical baby girl names beginning with H. We hope our curated list has sparked some inspiration, and possibly, you’ve spotted the perfect name for your baby girl. Don’t forget to check out more baby name idea lists on our site for further inspiration. Happy naming!

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