50 Divine Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With I

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Hello, radiant mama-to-be! Let’s embark on a divine exploration through 50 biblical baby boy names beginning with I. With profound meanings and spiritual roots, these names are ready to bless your little one’s life journey.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Beginning with I

Our list is graced with names like Ian McKellen, the venerated actor known for his roles in X-Men and The Lord of the Rings, and Isaiah Washington, the famed Grey’s Anatomy star. Additionally, Ivan Reitman, the acclaimed film and television director, carries one of these inspiring names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IbharIbarr, IbhaarChosen
IchabodIkabod, IchaboddDeparted glory
IgashIgashh, IgaashHe will arrive early
IgdaliahIgdalia, IgdalayaGreat is the Lord
ImlaImlah, ImmlaReplenishing
ImmanuelEmmanuel, ImmanulGod is with us
ImnahImnaha, ImnahhProsperity
ImriImrie, ImriySpeaking, exalting
IphedeiahIphedeya, IphedeiyahRedemption of the Lord
IrIri, IrrCity, watchman
IraIrah, IraaWatchful
IsaIssa, IsaaJesus
IsaiahIsayah, IsayaGod is salvation
IshiIshe, IshieSalvation
IshmaelIsmael, IshmaylGod will hear
IsraelIsraell, IsraylWrestled with God
IssacharIsachar, IsascarReward
IthamarItamar, IthamaarIsland of the palm-tree
IthielItiel, ItiellGod is with me
IvahIvahh, IvahOverturning
IzharIzhaar, IzarrOil, shine
IddoIddoh, IddoeHis band
IehoshuaIehosua, IehoshuahGod’s salvation
IezabelYezabel, JezebelNot exalted
IkkeshIkkesh, IkkeshhForward, wicked
ImlahImla, ImmlahPlentitude
IndiaIndea, IndiiaPraise, thanks
IphrealIphreel, IphreealGod shall heal me
IramIramm, IrammeCitizen, city
IrpeelIrpeele, IrpealHealing, medicine
IshbahIshba, IshbahhHe will leave
IsmachiahIsmachia, IsmatchiahCleaving to the Lord
IsraelIsreel, IsraellRuling with God
IthamarIthamarr, IthamareIsland of palm
IthreamIthreame, IthreammRemnant of the people
IthreamIthreame, IthreammRemnant of the people
IthrielIthriell, IthreelGod is with me
IzriIzrie, IzryeForming me
IberIbor, IverPassenger
IbanIbaan, IbbanGod’s gift
IgalIgaal, IgalHe redeems
IgealIgeale, IgeelRedemption
IrenaiosIrenaius, IreniosPeaceful
IttaiIttay, IttaiWith me
IzarIzaar, IzarrHe will sow
IzorIzorr, IzoreHe will be a prince
IehuIehue, IehuuHe is God
IemimaIemimah, IemimaBeautiful day

That concludes our enlightening journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with I. We hope this list has sparked some inspiration, and perhaps, unveiled the perfect name for your little boy. For more naming inspiration, check out our other baby name lists on our site. Happy naming!

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