50 Graceful Biblical Baby Boy Names Beginning With B

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Hello there, lovely mamas-to-be! Welcome to our sacred journey through 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with B. Carefully curated, these names blend timeless grace with deep-rooted meaning, perfect for your little blessing.

Notable People with Biblical Boy Names Starting with B

Draw inspiration from famous figures like Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, or Baruch Spinoza, a respected philosopher of the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age. There’s also Barnaby Joyce, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BenjaminBen, BennieSon of the right hand
BarnabasBarney, BarnabySon of consolation
BartholomewBart, BartelSon of Talmai (the farmer)
BarakBarrak, BaracLightning
BoazBoas, BoaseSwiftness
BethelBethal, BethelleHouse of God
BerechiahBerachiah, BerechiaJehovah blesses
BazaleelBezalel, BazalelIn the shadow of God
BenaiahBenaya, BnayaGod has built
BaruchBaruc, BarucheBlessed
BethuelBethul, BethuellMan of God
BeriahBeria, BeryahIn evil
BealiahBealyah, BelyahJehovah is Baal
BilhahBilha, BilhahhBashful
BuzBuzz, BuziContempt
BelaBelah, BelayDestruction
BenoBenoe, BenowHis son
BildadBildade, BildaddBel has loved
BarjesusBarjesu, BarjeshuaSon of Jesus
BecherBechor, BekirFirstborn
BeninuBenenu, BeninooOur son
BaashaBa’sha, Baasha’Evil
BenammiBenamme, BenamiSon of my people
BichriBickri, BekriFirstborn
BineaBineah, BineyaCreator
BenoniBenonie, BenonySon of sorrow
BukkiBukkie, BuccaiWasting
BashemathBaseemath, BashmathPerfumed
BarabbasBarabba, BarabbaasSon of the teacher
BerodachBerodac, BerodackServant of Hadad
BarzillaiBarzilai, BarzelaiIron
BinnuiBinui, BinoeBuilt up
BalaamBalaa’m, Bal’amDestroyer of the people
BenhabadBenhabad, BenhabedSon of Hadad
BesaiBesay, BesaeRough, hasty
BenhailBenhaile, BenhaillSon of strength
BaalhananBaalhannan, BaalhaninBaal has favored
BidkarBidcar, BidkaarIn compulsion
BigvaiBigvae, BigvaiIn my belly
BebaiBebay, BebeyMy babbling
BunniBunnie, BuniBuilding
BedanBedane, BedahnJudge
BukkiahBukkia, BukkyahEmptied by Jehovah
ButlersButler, BootlersOne who serves wine
BaalimBaalym, BaalymMasters
Thank you for joining us on this divine exploration of 50 Biblical baby boy names beginning with B. We hope this list has sparked inspiration for your naming journey, possibly leading you to the perfect name for your darling boy. Don’t hesitate to check out more of our curated baby name lists for additional ideas. Happy naming!

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