When To Buy A Stroller? Tips For Soon-To-Be Moms

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You’re expecting a little bundle of joy, and you’re now undoubtedly overwhelmed. There’s a lot of preparation to do! But is buying a stroller part of that prep? Should you wait until after your child is born to buy a stroller?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not you should buy your baby things during pregnancy or after. However, if you really need advice about this, or just want to be sure you didn’t make any mistakes with the items you already bought, then take a look at these tips…

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General Baby Prep

I was 19 weeks pregnant and had been purchasing baby items for quite some time. When I had the money, I’d fit a few things into my budget and stock up. This made acquiring baby products a breeze for me. I never felt tension about it, so by the time I was in labor, most of my baby stuff was already prepared.

mothers walk with children in strollers

I had already purchased a baby stroller, pack n’ play, changing table, crib mattress, high chair, and rocking chair at 19 weeks. Before I thought about smaller things like clothing, bathtub, goods, towels, and other minor items such as that, I wanted to make the major purchases first.

One thing to keep in mind is to buy gender-neutral items unless you already know the sex of the baby. Larger gender-neutral items are also particularly handy and cost effective for any future offspring!

Buying The Best Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is undeniably a vital baby item, especially for new parents who want to go out with their children frequently.

However, when to buy a stroller is seemingly a point of contention. Some people even believe that buying it early is a bad omen! Let me make one thing clear: I already owned my ideal travel baby jogging stroller by the time I was 19 weeks pregnant and all is well!

baby laying in the stroller

I’ve witnessed people who purchased it early, as well as those who waited a long time to buy. I’ve seen parents who have bought strollers for their kids after they were born and rest assured, nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

The stroller you choose is completely dependent on your preferences and, perhaps, your budget. If you find a great stroller for a good price/bargain later than nine months, great! But at the same time, why put off buying something if it’s fashionable and affordable? Personally, I believe the following questions are useful to ask yourself when purchasing a baby stroller.

  • Is it the perfect design?
  • Are we getting a good deal?
  • Do I have the cash on hand right now?
  • Is there a stamp of excellence?
  • What do the reviews have to say about it?

The most essential thing is to get the appropriate stroller for you, whenever that time is. I frequently advise first-time parents to acquire the major baby equipment early so that subsequent purchases are easy.

What To Look For In A Newborn Stroller

If you have decided to buy a stroller during your pregnancy, let’s talk about what to look for. You will go through many different strollers during your baby’s life, but this first one is crucial! Here are some characteristics to look for:

beautiful baby laying in the stroller


Strollers come in a variety of forms. However, while your baby is very young, you’re restricted to strollers that can completely recline. Nonetheless, joggers, standards,  travel systems, bassinets, and prams are all types of strollers available.


You will need a stroller that folds up; ideally, one that collapses easily while you are toting a baby bag and food for a week. Some fold up with the press of a button, while others require you to move different parts before folding. Choose one that is simple to fold up if it matters to you.

Handle Bars

Handlebars are not created equal; some may be too big or small for certain people. Your height and gait will influence how easily you can push your stroller, as well as whether you will struggle walking with it. It is always a good idea to test them out first.


In addition, babies require a substantial quantity of items… an astronomical amount in fact! Look for a stroller that can carry some of the load so you don’t have to.

Car Seat Carriers

Finally, car seat carriers or travel systems include a stroller frame and a baby car seat. For the initial few months of your kid’s life, this is likely to be your first choice. If you buy your own car seat, make sure it fits with the frame made by the manufacturer.

Can I Buy The Stroller Later?

Yes, you can purchase your baby’s stroller at a later date. Strollers become more important than ever when your baby reaches six months old. No longer lying flat, their neck muscles are strong enough to allow them to sit upright and see the world around them.

So, perhaps it makes more sense to you to purchase your stroller when your baby is a little older, especially if money is an issue. After all, cost is a major consideration when it comes to purchasing an item so large and expensive.

Some Money Saving Tips On Baby Purchases

  • During Walmart’s BEST OF BLANK month in September, you may save at least 50% on cribs.
  • During the fall sale at Macy’s, make room for a baby in your wardrobe and save 65%.
  • Amazon will provide 30% off purchase rates of Britax strollers from November.

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