Where To Store Stroller? – 10 Different Ways To Try!

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Where to store stroller? Let me tell you one certain truth: once the baby is born, you will never have enough space to place all of your necessities, and your house will be a mess! Today, let’s look at where strollers should be stored in the home so that you can make the most of the little room you have and always have it ready for a stroll.

I have gone through all of them, from keeping them in the car trunk to storing them unfolded in the hall. Take a look at some of my favorite stroller storage solutions for every location and family!

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10 Different Ways To Store Stroller

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Car trunk

Why not store your stroller in the trunk of your car if there is not enough room in your house or you live in an apartment? You may wrap some bungee cords around the head and backrest and hang your stroller upright, saving place as well as space in your vehicle.

By The Door

Another fantastic method to save room is to hang the stroller next to the door of any space. Simply hang your stroller upside down from large sturdy hooks placed at the top of the door. To gain easier access and prevent your children from reaching them, try this storage technique by garage or basement doors.

Stroller Shed Tent

A bike tent may be used to store your stroller. If you do not want the stroller in your house, this is a fantastic alternative. Just keep an eye on rust and degradation over time or if the tent breaks or leaks. Another thing to think about is that thieves would have no trouble getting inside.

Under The Storage By The Stairs 

If there still remains room in your storage by the stairs, consider putting your stroller inside to save even more room. This is also a fantastic storage location since you may easily access the stroller when leaving the house.

In The Garage

If you have a big garage, this is the ideal location to store your stroller. You may also get some hangs and hooks for your stroller on the wall. Because I have a bad back and am not particularly strong, wall mounting isn’t an option for me, but the garage is fantastic.

Garden Shed 

You may also keep your stroller in a garden shed, aside from housing plants and other DIY foliage projects. To avoid mold and pests from contacting any of the stroller’s surface, it is critical to cover it with thorough protective gear. 


I would not suggest putting your strollers inside a vehicle port since they would be exposed to the weather throughout the year. However, it is a lovely option to leave out for the day, and if you are worried about theft, consider investing in a bike lock.

Baby Room 

You may also keep your stroller folded and tucked away anywhere in your child’s room if you prefer to store all of your necessities inside the baby’s room. Simply ensure that the stroller is clean and well-maintained before storing it to avoid introducing any debris.


Why not store your lightweight and foldable stroller in your wardrobe or beneath the stairs? Typically, objects that are stored in closets never see the light of day again; I recommend keeping them at the front so it is readily available.

By The Living Room 

By having a large living room, you can store a lot of furniture, lighting, and even some of your go-to baby equipment like the stroller. To keep the stroller out of the way, position it in a corner of the living area or any other place that will not attract too much attention.

When It Comes To Storing Strollers, There Are Few Things To Consider

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As we all know, strollers are an important aspect of our lives, so we must take good care of them. If we do not, we will run into problems that might make us feel anxious. As a result, it is critical to be aware of certain fundamental facts so that we can figure out how to store our stroller correctly.


Strollers are a living thing, and their requirements do not diminish with time. Mothers who have just had babies always need to be more attentive, and that will not change when it comes to the stroller. It should be cleaned well. It is critical to prevent dust or germs from harming your kid by keeping the stroller clean.


The second important thing to consider is if the stroller should be stored in such a way that no one can do any damage to it. This is critical work for us, since ensuring the security of the stroller protects our children as well.

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The stroller should not be put in an inconvenient location. If you’re going to place a stroller in your garage, place it in the right or left corner. However, it must be kept at a safe distance from the automobile.

There are times when people want to add an extra storage area in the garage for their stroller. This is a wonderful idea, especially if you have a small space or limited time. Keep in mind that it should be placed in such a manner that you don’t have to devote much effort to retrieve it.

Indoor VS Outdoors

When we put our strollers on the ground, the word “location” is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It must be accessible and germ-free. If not, cleaning it will take a long time.

If you want to keep the stroller inside, be prepared to cover the wheels to prevent dirt from entering your house. Storing your stroller outside implies that it will require regular cleaning.

If you want to store your stroller outside, make sure the area is safe. If the stroller is easy prey for thieves or animals, it would be preferable to keep it inside.


Finally, find a location that will serve you for years and months. Frequent relocation may be inconvenient, and you won’t be able to get used to it.

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