How To Keep a Baby Cool in a Stroller: Tips for the Summer

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Is summer approaching and you’re concerned that the heat will restrict you? Well, don’t be! You and your infant can make the most of the warm spring and summer days and get that much-needed vitamin D fix, you just need to keep your baby cool in the stroller. Yes, babies must avoid overheating and getting sunburns, but luckily there are simple things you can do to prevent it!

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How To Keep A Baby Cool In A Stroller

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Stay Out Of The Sun At The Hottest Time Of Day

Although your stroller may have a sunshade, if it is very warm outside, your child is still at risk of overheating. There’s no need to spend time with a youngster under three months old outside when they can be entertained inside. Sunburn might occur rapidly due to the intense rays of the sun.

Make Sure You Have A Seat Liner

A seat liner will take up the moisture when your young one becomes sweaty, and will protect them from overheating. Breathable fabric is required and the liner should be simple to remove and machine-washable.

Make sure your newborn has plenty of space to move about if you are walking with him/her in the bassinet. The same thing goes for older infants who ride in strollers. If the baby is packed tightly in the seat, he/she will sweat and become overheated.

Provide A Shady Haven

Strollers are frequently supplied with a canopy, but this can be insufficient in terms of providing full shade from the sun. Invest in a cover for your stroller that will keep your child cool and protected from harsh UV rays.

UVA and UVB radiation are the two forms of harmful light that cause sunburn. These covers can protect your child from up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. This is important because sunburn is thought to significantly raise the risk of skin cancer later in life!

Many of these canopies are made from a lightweight material that allows air to reach your child. An extended canopy ensures that no sun enters, even if it’s late in the day. They are frequently compatible with most types of strollers and take little time to install.

Utilize A Stroller Fan

Stroller fans are used to keep babies cool and calm while they go for walks, and of course, summer is when they’re most in demand. There’s an attachment system on the product so you can attach it to the stroller and they generally last a long time. They feature a slip-on design, have a foam structure, and are quite dependable in terms of performance and durability.

Use Sunscreen

Choose chemical-free sunscreen for babies to safeguard your infant from the sun in a stroller. Choose a sunscreen that is suitable for infants and use it before going out on sunny days. Even on cloudy days, apply it again and frequently.

Provide Sensible Clothing

Babies and younger children are still growing, which makes it difficult for them to maintain their body temperature, so consider your baby’s clothing. Overdressing your youngster may cause heat rashes or overheating, while sunburn or heatstroke can result from underdressing.

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Wearing proper clothing, such as lightweight, breathable cotton attire that covers their arms and legs, is a must. The cotton is breathable and draws moisture away from the skin, assisting them in losing heat.

Bamboo is another fabric that is gaining a lot of traction. It absorbs perspiration from the body and doesn’t retain it as cotton does. The moisture in the cloth is released so that it can evaporate.

Produce Natural Air Conditioning

Wipe your child’s face, arms, and legs with a wet towel. Make sure it’s damp before putting it around your kid’s neck. Just be careful not to let the towel stray too near to their face or airway.

Keep Fluids Flowing

Dehydration is a vital issue to consider when the temperature rises, especially for an infant. Sweating and losing moisture are dangerous for a baby, so they’ll need a lot more fluids in higher temperatures.

Your milk provides all of the hydration that breastfed babies require, so breastfeeding your infant more frequently when it’s hot can help prevent dehydration. Formula-fed infants will need additional formula, whereas babies older than 6 months old may require extra water. However, don’t give your child more than a 4oz bottle of extra water at once!

Check how many wet diapers your child has in comparison to usual to see if they’re becoming dehydrated. Dark-colored, strong-smelling urine is another indication that they need more water.

Jump The Blankets

We know how comfy a warm blanket is, but adding an extra layer to your baby just makes heat gather underneath. Secure your child to the stroller chair by buckling them in, but do not overpack them with blankets or additional layers. Even soft toys are not suggested.

Suspended Water Bottle Utilization

Choose a water bottle and fill it 2/3 of the way full. Then wrap that container in a towel and freeze it. Put one on each side of your child in the stroller to give him/her some cooling power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell whether the toddler is overheating?

To determine whether or not your infant is warm, look for a place to sit down and check their stomach – it should be warm but not too hot. Other signals include flushed, red cheeks, and rapid breathing. If your child’s hands and feet are chilly, don’t worry; this is natural.

Can an infant overheat?

If your kid is overheating, she will almost certainly be uncomfortable, and her sleeping patterns will be disrupted. She may also get a heat rash. However, there’s a far more critical issue to consider; overheating raises the chance of baby sleep death (also known as SIDS)!

What is the proper room temperature for a newborn?

The temperature in your child’s bedroom should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, according to professionals. This is approximately the same as 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. It may be sensible to invest in a thermostat for your baby’s room if you live in a particularly hot climate.

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