How To Ship a Stroller to Your Destination: A Complete Guide

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Are you looking to get rid of a stroller your children have outgrown or you no longer need?

Shipping your stroller to a friend or family member is easy as long as you know how to properly pack and transport it. Keep reading to learn about how to ship a stroller successfully!

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Guide To Shipping Your Stroller

To make your stroller easier to transport, modern baby strollers are generally foldable. Simply fold the stroller down to its smallest size.

Remove all detachable components and wrap each one in separate bubble wrap. Bubble wrap the stroller thoroughly as well. To give optimum cushioning and protection, use at least two or three layers of wrapping and packaging tape to hold the wraps in place.

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Get a big enough shipping box to fit the stroller and offer an extra 3 inches on all sides. Insert packing peanuts into the base first before laying the stroller on top of them.

Next, fill in any additional removable components as well. Packing peanuts should be used to fill the box up to the top. When shaking the box, ensure that everything stays in place and if not, add more packing peanuts.

Cover the box with several layers of packaging tape and seal it. Bring the package to your local post office or shipping company to send to your recipient!

Where To Sell Your Baby Stroller?

If you are looking to sell your stroller, The Stroller Store is a great place to go. The Stroller Store is a marketplace for parents with newborns and older children.

The Stroller Store proves a more secure buying and selling experience for used strollers that are still in great condition. The Stroller Store is a safe haven for high-quality baby products, that labels products as “certified pre-owned” that are in excellent condition.

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Does “Certified Pre-Owned” Benefit Me As A Seller?

Let’s take a look at what “certified pre-owned” means, and why it’s important.

The first thing to know about certified pre-owned goods is that the baby equipment was previously loved by another owner but then undergoes a series of safety checks, a thorough clean, and an end-to-end tune-up before being put on the market.

This service is meant to provide new parents with total and complete peace of mind while shopping on The Stroller Store’s website. As a result, this will benefit both parties!

The Stroller Store only accepts high-quality goods, as opposed to other sites that sell used items. The Stroller Store makes selling your pre-owned stroller, safe, and hassle-free. A couple advantages of selling your stroller on The Stroller Store’s website include:

  • Complimentary tune-up
  • Complimentary shipping
  • Complimentary professional cleaning
  • Complimentary safety inspection
  • Fast and easy payouts

How You Can Keep Your Stroller In Good Condition

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Keep It Clean

With a newborn baby, keeping your stroller clean may seem impossible.

However, we all know that it’s easier to keep things clean if we do some maintenance bit by bit rather than waiting to perform everything at once. Conduct regular cleaning sessions to keep your stroller in great condition.

If your stroller’s fabric is detachable, wash it once in a while using the delicate cycle with mild detergent and water. After washing the cloth, make sure it’s completely dry before replacing it on the metal frame. This is important for preventing rust.

Keep All Original Parts And Pieces

After you have bought your stroller, keep the box, instruction booklet, and any extra accessories in one location.

Even if you don’t use an accessory, your potential buyer might want it! It’s better to be able to sell your stroller as close to its original condition as possible.

Store Your Stroller Properly

When it comes to storing your stroller, make sure it is in a dry, cool location.

This is intended to preserve the frame and cloth of the stroller. Avoid putting your stroller in front of a large window or anywhere where it will be exposed to a lot of suns, as this might cause the fabric color on your stroller to fade.

Wheel Care

The wheels of your stroller bear the brunt of the force, so it’s important to clean them!

If you use your stroller in dirty or muddy areas on a regular basis, clean your stroller wheels on a regular basis. This can be completed with just a little water and a rough brush or scrubber to return them squeaky clean once again.

Final Thoughts

The best advantage of selling your stroller is being able to make back some of the money you originally spent! As parents, we are always on the lookout for ways to save a few bucks here and there, and this is one easy method to do so.

We all wish we had a few more years of usefulness for items like changing tables, baby strollers, and children’s clothing because they are so costly and will soon become useless.

Shipping your stroller to a customer, friends, or family is a great option to repurpose and expand your stroller’s lifespan!

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