Phil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review

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The Vibe is a highly attractive, sleek looking Phil and Teds stroller. Version 2 is the newer improved Vibe model and that’s what is showcased here on Stroller Envy.

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Phil and Teds Vibe inline stroller is for newborn babies up through six years old. The buggy is known for fantastic maneuvering and performance as well as light weight, especially as a double.

The unique design of this Phil and Teds stroller gives you a double inline stroller for about the same size or slightly larger than a full-sized standard stroller. It “leaves a small footprint” as fans of Phil and Teds strollers like to say.

Lots of improvements have been made on the Vibe. Phil and Teds listened to their customers and have made quite a few enhancements over the previous Vibe model. By the time you finish reading this review on the Phil and Teds Vibe 2,Phil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review 1 you will discover all the exciting improvements that have been made on this exceptional buggy. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Phil and Teds Vibe 2 Features:

  • Travel system compatible
  • Travel system compatible with select car seat brands
  • Front swivel wheel with redesigned front wheel mount
  • Splash guard fenders with the tires
  • 12-inch air filled tires
  • Storage basket under the seat
  • Adjustable, follow-the-sun canopy with flip-out sun visor
  • One-handed fold with free-standing feature
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • 5-point safety harness with easier adjustment
  • Padded bumper bar
  • Push button braking system
  • Height adjustable handle for better control and comfort

New enhancements explained:

Lots of improvements have been made on the Vibe. Phil and Teds listened to their customers and have made quite a few enhancements over previous Phil and Teds Vibe models. Let’s take a look in more detail at what you get with the current Vibe model.

Can a newborn baby ride?

The good news is that yes, your newborn infant CAN ride in a Phil and Teds Vibe and you have several options. The first option is lay your newborn down with the seat fully reclined flat. Another option is to use either the cozy Cocoon Carry CotPhil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review 2 or the stylish Peanut BassinetPhil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review 3 in the fully reclined seat.

The Vibe accommodates an infant car seat with a car seat adapter that you may purchase separately. Currently the only car seat adapter that fit the Vibe include Chicco or Graco.

The stability with the car seat on the Vibe is designed with maximum safety in mind and is in accordance with global market safety standards. This gives you needed reassurance that three-wheelers can be stable as a travel system.

Tell me about the seat.

For the 2010 and later models: the Vibe has a redesigned seat with enhanced form fit posture support. Your child won’t slouch any longer and will be more comfortable during the ride. The Phil and Teds Vibe comes with either a red or a black cushy ride seat liner for added softness. You can take out the liner quite easily for washings and even choose a different color from the variety online. The five-point safety harness now has easier harness adjustment as well, to make sure your little passenger is snug as a bug as he or she grows.

Infinite recline positions can now be done one-handed with a strap – get that angle just right while your child sleeps. No jostling the seat while you wrestle with a drawstring. The doubles kit seat also reclines so your second passenger gets some snooze time as well.

The wheel well is plastic for easy cleaning and gives a nice foot rest. Your child has a padded bumper bar for extra security. To keep the frame from scratching when taking out the doubles kit or bumper bar, Phil and Teds now have clear plastic pads around the holes. That is such a thoughtful detail because this stroller is so beautiful, you don’t want scratches marring the frame.

A child riding in the main seat can weigh up to 44 pounds and the child in the double attachment accessory can weigh up to 33 pounds. One mom blogger felt like the rear doubles kit was not tall enough for her 19-month old.

What can the sun canopy do for my child?

You’re going to love the new sun canopy on the Phil and Teds Vibe. The newly enhanced larger canopy can pivot forward to follow the sun. No need to purchase one of those canopy extenders to shade your child adequately! In addition, it has a flip out visor to provide additional shade. Isn’t that handy?

One of the disadvantages previous Phil and Ted strollers had was that the rear double seat kit never had a sun canopy. Moms everywhere wished their second seat would accommodate a sun canopy, and Phil and Ted listened. Now the Vibe has one for your second child to keep him or her shaded safely from the sun.

Storage and parents amenities:

Your child is well-cared-for in the Vibe, but Phil and Teds does not neglect you, Mom. One of the convenience features both parents enjoy is the height adjustable handle. Whether you’re a petite mommy or a daddy over six feet tall, the ergonomic handle on the Vibe provides three different positions to find the sweet spot for comfortable strolling.

The brakes on the Phil and Teds Vibe are unique in that it is a recessed one-push button in the center of the handle bar. This is an improvement over previous years models where there was no button enclosure. This improvement eliminates the possibility of unintentional brake engage.

Beneath the seat you have a nice sized storage basket. Enjoy it as a single stroller though, because once you use the doubles kit, your second child’s legs go in the basket.

Have you ever taken a stroller through a puddle and had the tires kick up the dirty water onto your clean clothes? Aggregating, isn’t it? Wheel well covers for all three wheels will keep you clean as you stroll over terrain, wet or dry. It will also keep your rear riding child from touching dirty wheels!


Folded dimensions: 35½” x 26″ x 17″Width: 26″Handle Height: 37″ – 43½”Open Length: 44″Wheel size: 12″Seat width: 14″Max weight front: 44 lbs.Max weight rear: 33 lbs.Stroller weight: 26 lbs.

Maneuverability & performance.

The Phil and Teds Vibe 2 has made some improvements with the front wheel because of previous parents make comments about it being too stiff, awkward to push or rattling. It was a serious problem.

Phil and Teds has redesigned the front wheel mount with a steel j-bar just like the new Explorer. This new design improves steering, making it feel lighter to turn.

The three 12-inch air filled tires give your baby a smooth ride and make it easier to push. That certainly becomes more challenging as your children grow heavier and the tires are definitely a help.

What about the fold?

The Phil and Teds Vibe folds up nice and compact and keeps closed with an auto frame fold lock. While it is not a one-step fold, you can get it done in a couple of easy steps. Best of all, you can fold it WITH the doubles kit in place. It’s amazing how small it folds – it looks just like a single stroller!

However, great care must be taken that each part of your stroller is put into place correctly, especially the doubles seat, otherwise your stroller won’t fold and you could damage the frame!

What others are saying…

Many parents absolutely love the look and performance of this Phil and Teds stroller. It has a sleek, urban design and modern convenience features and quite a high cool factor.

The Vibe performs well and has excellent maneuverability and a smooth ride. It’s compact for a double stroller making it easy to navigate city streets and shops.

Moms write in to say that their children have fun riding in it as well. The seat liners are exceptionally comfortable, giving just the right amount of padding and its easy to wipe up.


One huge issue is that the front wheel is stiff. Parents have said that the stroller has difficulty turning, and others say that they have to fight the Vibe to make a left turn. It is unclear if this is with the new Vibe 2 model.

The doubles kit seat seems to be too small for some children.

Some have reported difficulty folding this stroller and it is tricky – see both of the video demonstrations to see how you do it.

Where can I find the best price?

Right now there’s deal at AmazonPhil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review 4 where you can get the double’s kit for free. For both doubles and single stroller,Phil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review 1 Amazon cannot be beat for prompt service. You simply cannot go wrong with either of these choices!

Just imagine how fantastic you will feel pushing this sleek and luxurious stroller around. You’re going to feel like a million bucks!

Phil and Teds Vibe 2 Lightweight Stroller Review for 2023
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Looking for a sleek, luxury stroller? Look no further than the lightweight and functional Vibe 2. Read our full review of Phil and Ted's Vibe 2.

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