50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Z: Inspire with Italian Culture

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Hey, mama-to-be! Looking for that perfect name for your baby girl? Let’s tour through Italy, and savor 50 Italian baby girl names that start with Z, blending tradition, charm, and a touch of uniqueness just like your little one.

Notable People With Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

Z is for Zita, as in Saint Zita, the patron saint of maids and domestic servants revered for her empathy and grace. Then there’s Zeta, like Catherine Zeta-Jones, the celebrated actress known for her elegance and talent. Famous Zoos, like Zooey Deschanel, remind us of the charm of Z beginning names, making them even more appealing for your little one.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ZairaZaira, ZayraPrincess
2. ZanitaZaneta, ZannitaGod’s gift
3. ZabrinaSabrina, SabrynaFrom the river Severn
4. ZabellaIzabella, IsabellaGod is my oath
5. ZaccariaZaccariah, ZacariaGod remembers
6. ZadieZadia, ZadeyPrincess
7. ZaffiraZafira, ZaffirahSapphire
8. ZaidaZayda, ZaedahIncreasing, growing
9. ZeldaZeldah, ZeldeGrey fighting maid
10. ZenaidaZenaide, ZenaydaBorn of Zeus
11. ZeninaZenena, ZeninahGuest, stranger
12. ZenobiaZenobya, ZenobiahPower of Zeus
13. ZetaZetah, ZettahLittle girl
14. ZiaZiah, ZyaLight, splendor
15. ZilaZilah, ZylahShadow
16. ZilianaZiliane, ZilianahYouthful, dawn
17. ZillinaZilina, ZilinahBeautiful eyes
18. ZinaZinah, ZinnaGod’s gift
19. ZitaZitah, ZettaSeeker
20. ZofiaSofia, SophyaWisdom
21. ZolaZolah, ZolahPiece of earth
22. ZoraZorah, ZorrahDawn
23. ZuzannaSuzanna, SusannahLily
24. ZabelIzabel, IsabelleGod is my oath
25. ZanobiaZenobia, ZenobiahPower of Zeus
26. ZabrinaSabrina, SabrynaFrom the river Severn
27. ZelindaSelinda, SelindahBeautiful
28. ZenaZenna, ZenahWelcoming
29. ZicriZicree, ZicreyMy praise
30. ZilahZillah, ZyllahShadow
31. ZillahZillah, ZyllahShadow
32. ZipporahZippora, ZyporahBird
33. ZivankaZivana, ZivanahFull of life
34. ZoraidaZorayda, ZoraidaCaptivating
35. ZorinaZorinah, ZorinnaGolden dawn
36. ZoyaZoia, ZoyaLife
37. ZuccaZuccah, ZuccaPumpkin
38. ZuleikaZuleikah, ZuleykaFair
39. ZumaZumah, ZumaLord frowns in anger
40. ZureidaZureidah, ZureydaBeautiful pearl
41. ZuzitaZuzittah, ZuzetahThe sweetest
42. ZvelleZvele, ZvelehJoyous whisper
43. ZvetanaZvetanah, ZvetannahFlower
44. ZvetlanaZvetlanah, ZvetlannahLight in one’s life
45. ZvolineZvolineh, ZvolinahBright as the sun
46. ZyaZyah, ZeyaSplendid
47. ZytaZytah, ZittaSeeker
48. ZabrinaSabrina, ZabrynaFrom the river Severn
49. ZairaZara, ZayraDazzling brightness
50. ZabellaIzabella, IsabellaGod is my oath

Thanks for journeying through our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with Z. We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration as you embark on this beautiful task of naming your little one. Remember, every name tells a story, and your baby girl’s story is just beginning. Feel free to explore more baby name ideas on our site, and who knows – you might just stumble onto that perfect name!

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