50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With A: Set Your Son Apart

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Hey there, future momma! Are you excited to name your little one? Discovering the perfect name can be quite a journey. Our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With A will provide you with unique and meaningful options to consider.

Notable People With Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Did you know that Ahad Mohmand, the first Afghan astronaut, carries a moniker from our list? Many influential figures from Afghanistan have names that start with the letter A, bringing distinction and rich heritage to these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AamirAmeer, AmirPrince, Leader
2. AbdulAbdal, AbdilServant (of God)
3. AbidAbed, AbadWorshiper (of God)
4. AdalAdeel, AdilFair, Honest
5. AfzalAfjal, AfzulBest, Superior
6. AhmadAhmed, AhmetMore commendable
7. AkmalAkhil, AkhmalPerfect, Complete
8. AleemAleam, AleomLearned, Wise
9. AsimAseem, AasimGuardian, Protector
10. AtaAttah, AtaaGift
11. AzadAzaad, AzadhFree, Independent
12. AzimAzeem, AzamGreat, Mighty
13. AsifAsef, AsafGather, Assemble
14. AzharAzheer, AzhaarMost shining, Luminous
15. AmanAmaan, AamanSecurity, Peace
16. AufAouf, AwfOne with high ranking
17. AazarAzar, AzerFire, 9th month of the Persian calendar
18. ArifAref, ArephKnowing, Aware
19. AsadAssad, AsaadLion
20. AtifAtef, AttifKind, Compassionate
21. AyazAyyaz, AyasNight breeze
22. AnisAnees, AanisFriendly, Amicable
23. AsarAssar, AserMark, Sign
24. AtheerAtheir, AtirPreferred, Elite
25. AymanAyeman, AyemannBlessed, Lucky
26. AtaullahAtaollah, Ata-AllahGift of God
27. AnwarAnwer, AnvarMore luminous
28. ArhamArhym, ArhummMost Merciful
29. AhmarAhmer, AahmerRed Coloured
30. AlmasAlmaz, AllmasDiamond
31. AniqAneeq, AnyqElegant
32. AimalAimel, AymalDesire, Hope
33. ArkaanArkan, ArkanPillars
34. AsnaAsnah, AsnaaThe one to be acknowledged or praised
35. AazamAzam, AzammGreater; greatest
36. AdamAadham, AadomThe first man
37. AnasAanas, AnassAffection, Love
38. AkifAakif, AkefFocused, Concentrated
39. AraizAraez, AreyzNational leader
40. AribAreeb, ArybBright, Smart
41. AsalAasal, AselHoney
42. AswadAsvaad, AswadBlack
43. AyyubAyub, AyyoubA Biblical Prophet’s name
44. AazilAzil, AzeelThe one who has many virtues
45. AjwadAjwaad, AjvadMore generous, best, better
46. ArhabArhaab, ArhebOpen-minded, Sociable
47. AsaadAsad, AhsadHappier; happiest
48. AqdasAkdas, AcdasMost holy
49. AmtulAametul, AmatulFemale servant of Allah
50. AmanatAmaanat, AmanaathDeposit, Trust

Thanks for exploring our list of 50 Afghan Baby Boy Names Starting With A. We hope you’ve found inspiration and maybe even the perfect name for your soon-to-be-born baby boy. Remember, each name carries its own unique charm and significant meaning. Be sure to check out more of our helpful baby name lists on our site, as you prepare for your exciting new journey in motherhood!

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