50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With W: Unleash the Charm of Italy

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Hello, beautiful mama-to-be! Choosing a name is one of the first exciting steps on our extraordinary journey to motherhood. Delve into these 50 Italian baby girl names starting with W to find a name that is as unique and special as the bond you share with your darling.

Notable People With ‘W’ Italian Girl Names

When it comes to notable individuals with ‘W’ Italian girl names, ‘Wilma’ is one that stands out. Wilma De Angelis is a celebrated Italian singer and TV personality who has been sharing her melodious voice and vibrant charisma with audiences since the 1950s. Also noteworthy is Wanda Osiris, a famous Italian actress and singer of the 20th century known for her flamboyant performances. These influential women exemplify the rich culture and history embedded in Italian girl names beginning with ‘W’, demonstrating the timeless charm and character such names can bestow.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. WandaVanda, Wendie“Shepherd” or “Wanderer”
2. WilmaWilla, Vilma“Resolute protection”
3. WendyWendi, Wendie“Family” or “Wanderer”
4. WinonaWenona, Wynona“Firstborn Daughter”
5. WillaWila, Wilia“Will, Desire”
6. WinnieWynnie, Winny“Holy Peacemaking”
7. WeraVera, Verra“Faith”
8. WrenWrenn, Wryn“Small Bird”
9. WhitneyWitney, Whittney“White Island”
10. WallisWalliss, Walis“Foreigner”
11. WillowVilla, Willa“Freedom”
12. WanetaWanetta, Waneeta“Charger”
13. WynneWinne, Wynnie“Fair, White”
14. WisteriaWistaria, Wysteria“Vine”
15.WilhelminaWillamina, Willemina“Resolute Protection”
16. WinterWynter, Wintar“Wintertime”
17. WelmaWilma, Wilmah“Determined protector”
18. WhitleyWhitlie, Whitly“White meadow”
19. WednesdayWensday, Wendsday“Day of Mercury”
20. WynonaWinona, Winonah“First-born daughter”
21. WaverlyWaverley, Waverlie“Quaking aspen”
22. Wanda-LeeWandalee, Wandlee“Shepherd” + “Meadow”
23. WilhelmineWilhelmina, Willamina“Resolute protector”
24. WillodeanWillowdean, Willadean“Resolute” + “Valley”
25. Wynter-RoseWinterrose, Wynterrose“Winter” + “Rose”
26. WhilmaVigilant ProtectorWilma, Willma
27. WaltrinaWaltryna, Waltrinah“Ruler of the army”
28. WilfredaWilfrida, Wilfryda“Desiring peace”
29. WilmotWylmot, Wilmott“Resolute spirit”
30. WynstelleWinstelle, Wynnstelle“Fair Star”
31. WilmetteWilmet, Wylmette“Resolute spirit”
32. WinsomWynsom, Wynsome“Charming”
33. WyetteWyett, Wyet“Little warrior”
34. WynafredWinifred, Wynifred“Blessed peacemaking”
35. WindyWindi, Wendi“Windy”
36. WaldenaWaldina, Waldyna“Ruler”
37. WandyWendi, Wandy“Shepherd”
38. WilliaWilia, Wylia“Will, Desire”
39. WylaWila, Wylla“Desired”
40. WhittanyWhitney, Witney“White Island”
41. WileenWyleen, Wyllene“Desired”
42. WintanaWyntana, Wintanah“Our Sun”
43. WrenleyWrenlie, Wrenly“Bird’s meadow”
44. WaynettaWanetta, Wyanetta“Wagon-builder”
45. WelsieWelsy, Welcy“Western meadow”
46. WelsaWelsie, Welsy“Western meadow”
47. WenndyWendy, Wendie“Family”
48. WhitleighWhitlie, Whitley“White meadow”
49. WendallineWendaline, Wendalyn“Wanderer” + “Pretty”
50. WonnitaJuanita, Wonnie“God is gracious”

We hope our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with W has sparked your inspiration! Each name holds a story, just waiting to be woven into your little one’s life. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us. We invite you to explore our other baby name lists for more unique and meaningful ideas. Happy naming!

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