50 Italian Baby Girl Names Starting With V: Tradition Meets Trend

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Hello, fellow mom-to-be! Welcome to the exciting journey of picking a name for your precious little girl. If you’re seeking a name with verve, vivacity, and a touch of Italian elegance, our curated list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with V is just for you!

Notable People With ‘V’ Italian Girl Names

V names have been adorned by several noteworthy women, enchanting the world with their charm and talent. To name a few, actress ‘Veronica De Laurentiis’, renowned for her Italian heritage, and ‘Vittoria Puccini’, a celebrated actress in Italy. Don’t forget ‘Valentina Cortese’, an Academy Award-nominated actress whose career spanned over seven decades.”

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ValentinaValenteena, ValentynaStrong, healthy
2. VittoriaVictoria, VitoriaVictory
3. VeronicaVeronika, VeronickaTrue image
4. VivianaVivianna, VivianeAlive
5. ViolanteVyolante, ViolettaViolet
6. VitaVitta, VitaleLife
7. VannaVana, VaniaGod is gracious
8. ValeriaValarie, ValariaTo be strong
9. VirginiaVirginie, VirginaPure, virginal
10. VincenzaVincenzina, VinchenzaConquering
11. VesperaVesper, VespertinaEvening star
12. VolaVolla, VoliaFly
13. VieraVierra, VyeraTrue
14. VanitaVanetta, VanitahGrace
15. VedaVedah, VeidaKnowledge, wisdom
16. ValerianaValeriane, ValeriyanaStrength
17. VerenaVereena, VirinaProtector
18. VellamoVellama, VellomaTo surge, to swell
19. VesnaVesnia, VesnaaSpring
20. VitaliaVitalea, VytaliaLife-giving
21. VincenziaVincencia, VinchenziaThe one who conquers
22. VeliaVeliya, VeleyaConcealed
23. VedettaVedet, VedetaGuard, sentinel
24. ValloreyVallery, VallorieTo be strong
25. VivaVeeva, ViivaFull of Life
26. VenereVenera, VeneriaGoddess of Love
27. VeronaVeronah, VeroniaFrom Verona, Italy
28. ViancaVyanka, ViankaWhite
29. VandaVonda, VahndaWanderer
30. ValariaValarya, ValeariaStrong
31. VandinaVandyna, VandinahWanderer
32. VenerandaVenerandah, VeneraRevered
33. VienneVyen, VienneFrom Vienne
34. VesperinaVespera, VesperiniaEvening
35. VincenzinaVincenza, VincenzianaThe one who conquers
36. VeroniqueVeroniqua, VerroniqueTrue image
37. VanesiaVanesiya, VannesiyaGod’s grace
38. ViviaViviya, ViviaaAlive
39. VenetiaVenetiah, VenitiaFrom Venice
40. VolanteVolanta, VolantiaFlying
41. VitalinaVitalinea, VitalynaLife-giving
42. VittorianaVitoriana, VittoriniaVictory
43. Vita-MariaVita-Marie, Vita-MariyaLife and Mary
44. Valeria-ReginaValeria-Reina, Valeria-RegineTo be strong and Queen
45. VerianaVerryana, VeriannaTruth
46. Vittoria-RoseVittoria-Rosa, Vittoria-RozeVictory and rose
47. Velia-LunaVelia-Lunna, Velia-LounaConcealed and moon
48. Vincenza-MiaVincenza-Meia, Vincenza-MyaThe one who conquers and mine
49. Veronica-SofiaVeronica-Sofya, Veronica-SophiaTrue image and wisdom
50. Victoria-GraceVictoria-Gracia, Victoria-GraeceVictory and grace

Thank you for diving into our list of 50 Italian baby girl names starting with V. We hope it sparked creativity and inspiration for naming your little one. Be sure to explore more of our exciting, thoughtful baby name idea lists on our site. Your perfect baby name journey doesn’t end here… it’s just beginning!

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