Begin with B: 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

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Hello, future parent! If you’re in search of a beautifully resonant name for your little boy, why not consider a name starting with B? These Italian baby boy names starting with B are filled with charm and tradition!

Notable People With Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Picture your baby boy sharing a name with influential figures such as Bernardo Bertolucci, an esteemed filmmaker known for his cinematic masterpieces. Or maybe even Bruno Vespa, a renowned Italian journalist and television host. These ‘B’ names are not only rich in character but also hold strong cultural significance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaldassareBaldasarre, Baldo“Protector of the king”
BartolomeoBartolo, Bart“Son of Talmai, ploughman”
BenedettoBenito, Bene“Blessed”
BernardoBernie, Nardo“Strong, brave bear”
BiagioBiaggio, Biagino“Stammering”
BortoloBortolomeo, Borto“Son of Talmai, ploughman”
BrunoBrunetto, Nuno“Brown”
BonifacioBoni, Faco“Good destiny”
BasilioBasi, Basilo“King”
BattistaBatti, Tista“Baptist”
BeltranoBeltran, Trano“Bright raven”
BernardinoBernie, Nardino“Bold as a bear”
BertoBertino, Tino“Bright or shining”
BeppePeppino, Pino“God will add”
BrandoBrandino, Nando“Sword”
BonitoBono, Nito“Good, attractive”
BiaggioBiagio, Agio“Stammering”
BaccoBacchus, Bacca“God of wine”
BaroneBaron, Roni“Nobleman”
BortolomeoBortolo, Meo“Son of Talmai, ploughman”
BeniaminoBeni, Mino“Son of my right hand”
BaldoBalduino, Aldo“Bold, brave”
BerilloBero, Rillo“Beryl gem”
BiancoBiancino, Bianchi“White”
BuonoBono, Buonino“Good”
BrizioBriz, Izzo“Bristled”
BalduinoAldo, Dino“Bold friend”
BoscoBoscus, Bosko“Forest”
BonaventuraBona, Ventura“Good fortune”
BucoliBucolo, Bucolino“Herdsman”
BiaginoBiago, Gino“Stammering”
BertoAlberto, Roberto“Noble and bright”
BonarioBonaro, Nario“Well-intentioned”
BelloBellino, Belo“Handsome”
BibianoBibian, Bibi“Life”
BenizioBeni, Nizio“Benevolent”
BaccoBacca, Bacchino“Berry”
BaldovinoBaldo, Vino“Bold friend”
BalbinoBalby, Bino“Stammering”
BambinoBambi, Bambin“Baby”
BastianoBasti, Basto“Revered”
BautistaBauti, Tista“Baptist”
BeatoBeatus, Beati“Blessed”
BelisarioBeli, Sario“Arrow”
BenvenutoBenvenutus, Veni“Welcome”
BertrandoBertrand, Trando“Bright raven”
BiaggioBiaggo, Agio“Stammering”
BonfilioBonfilius, Bonfi“Good son”
BotulfoBotulf, Boti“Wolf”
BrizioBriz, Izzo“Speckled”
BrunoneBrunon, Bruni“Brown”

Thank you for exploring our list of 50 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With B. We’re here to make your baby naming journey enjoyable and meaningful. Continue to explore and let your heart decide. Remember, we’ve got plenty more lists of baby name ideas to inspire you. Happy naming!

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