Classic Baby Names: Vintage Choices With Timeless Appeal

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Choosing a name for your little one is a challenging decision, and it’s one that shouldn’t be made lightly! After all, your baby will have his or her name forever, and it’s important to choose a name that will suit them just as well now as it will when they’re grown up.

Classic, vintage names are the perfect solution. They sound cute and charming for a baby or child and grow into elegant, classy choices for an adult. In this article, we’re diving into the world of classic baby names – names with timeless elegance that have charmed generations.

If you’re searching for famous inspiration for your little one’s name, you won’t have to look far! Consider screen siren Elizabeth Taylor, famed scientist Charles Darwin, and first President George Washington; all of these names have a classic, vintage, and timeless touch.

Table of Contents

Classic Baby Names Starting With A

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AbelAbe, Abie“Breath”
ArnoldArnie, Arno“Ruler, strong as an eagle”
AlphonseAl, Alph, Fonzie“Noble and ready / eager”
AsherAsh, Ashe“Happy, blessed”
AmbroseBrose, Ambie“Immortal”
AugustGus, Augie“Great, magnificent”
AngusGus, Angie“One strength”
AmosMo, Mosie“Carried by God”
AlistairAl, Ali“Defender of mankind”
AnselAns, Sel“With divine protection”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AbigailAbby, Abbie, Gail“Father’s joy”
AdelaideAddie, Ada, Dela“Noble, nobility”
AgathaAggie, Aga“Good”
AnnetteAnne, Ann, Nettie“Grace”
AmeliaAmy, Lia, Mel“Industrious, striving”
AliceAllie, Lissie, Al“Noble”
ArabellaBella, Ara, Abby“Yielding to prayer”
AuroraRory, Aura“Dawn”
AugustaAugie, Gussie“Exalted, venerable”
AntoniaToni, Nia, Annie“Priceless one”

Classic Baby Names Starting With B

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BenjaminBen, Benji, Benny“Son of the right hand”
BernardBernie, Barnie“Brave as a bear”
BruceBrucie, B“From the brushwood thicket”
BartholomewBart, Bartie, Bat“Son of Talmai (the farmer)”
BenedictBen, Benny, Bendt“Blessed”
ByronBy, Ron, Byronnie“Barn for cows”
BasilBaz, Bazy, Bas“Royal, kingly”
BertramBertie, Bert“Bright raven”
BradfordBrad, Ford, B“Broad ford”
BeauBo, Bow“Handsome, beautiful”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BeatriceBea, Trice, Bee“She who brings happiness”
BerthaBertie, Bird, B“Bright, famous”
BlancheBlanchie, Bebe, B“White, fair”
BarbaraBabs, Barb, Bara“Foreign woman”
BrendaBren, Brin, B“Little raven”
BonnieBon, Nia, BonBon“Pretty, charming”
BerylBerry, Bryl, B“Sea-green jewel”
BettinaBetty, Tina, B“God is my oath”
BeverlyBever, Bev, Lee“Beaver stream”
BelindaBelle, Linda, Bel“Pretty, very beautiful”

Classic Baby Names Starting With C

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CharlesCharlie, Chuck, Carl“Free man”
ChristopherChris, Topher, Kit“Bearer of Christ”
CecilCece, Cil, Cecilie“Blind”
ChesterChet, Chess, Chettie“Fortress, walled town”
ClarenceClare, Clarry, Ren“Bright, clear”
CliffordCliff, Ford, Clif“Lives near the ford by the cliff”
CedricCed, Ric, Ricky“Bounty”
CorneliusCon, Neil, Nelly“Horn”
ConradCon, Connie, Rad“Brave counsel”
CurtisCurt, Kurt, Curtie“Courteous, polite”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CharlotteChar, Lottie, Charlie“Free woman”
ConstanceConnie, Stan, Stancey“Constant, steadfast”
CatherineCathy, Cat, Katie“Pure”
ClarissaClaire, Rissa, Clary“Bright, clear”
CynthiaCindy, Cyndi, Thia“Woman from Kynthos”
CeciliaCece, Celia, Cissy“Blind”
CamillaCami, Millie, Milla“Young ceremonial attendant”
ChristinaChris, Tina, Chrissy“Follower of Christ”
CelesteCece, Lessie, Les“Heavenly”
CoraCory, Rae, Cori“Maiden”

Classic Baby Names Starting With D

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DanielDan, Danny, Neil“God is my judge”
DavidDave, Davy, Davie“Beloved”
DouglasDoug, Dougie, Gus“Dark river”
DonovanDon, Van, Nonie“Dark, brown”
DexterDex, Dexty“Skillful, right-handed”
DeanDino, Deano“Valley”
DominicDom, Nick, Nico“Belonging to the Lord”
DesmondDes, Desi, Mond“From South Munster”
DariusDare, Dari, Rius“Upholder of the good”
DudleyDud, Duddie, Ley“People’s field”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DorothyDottie, Dot, Dora“Gift of God”
DeirdreDee, Didi, Dede“Sorrowful” or “Wanderer”
DeborahDeb, Debbie, Debs“Bee”
DaphneDaph, Daffy“Laurel tree”
DelilahDee, Lilah, Del“Delicate”
DianaDi, Dee, Annie“Divine”
DeniseDeni, Denny, Nisey“Follower of Dionysius”
DarleneDar, Dara, Lena“Dear or loved one”
DorotheaDora, Thea, Dorie“Gift of God”
DonnaDon, Donnie, Nonna“Lady”

Classic Baby Names Starting With E

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EdwardEd, Eddie, Ted“Wealthy guardian”
ErnestErnie, Ernesto, Nesto“Serious, resolute”
EdmundEd, Eddie, Ted“Prosperous protector”
EliasEli, Ely, Lias“Jehovah is God”
EmeryEm, Ery, Emery“Brave, powerful”
EugeneGene, Genie, Geno“Noble, well-born”
EphraimEphy, Eph, Efraim“Fruitful, fertile”
EdwinEd, Eddie, Win“Prosperous friend”
EnochNock, Eno, Noch“Dedicated”
EliotEli, Ely, Liot“Jehovah is God”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ElizabethLiz, Beth, Eliza“God is my oath”
EmilyEm, Emi, Millie“Industrious”
EdithEdie, Ditie, Edy“Riches or blessed strife”
EleanorEllie, Nor, Nell“Shining light”
EthelEtty, Ethie“Noble”
EvelynEve, Ev, Lyn“Desired; Water, Island”
EstherEssie, Estie, Star“Star”
EloiseEllie, Lulu, Loise“Healthy; wide”
EnidEnie, Nid, Nie“Soul, life”
EdnaEd, Eddie, Ned“Delight”

Classic Baby Names Starting With F

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FrederickFred, Freddie, Rick“Peaceful ruler”
FranklinFrank, Frankie, Lin“Free landowner”
FrancisFrank, Fran, Franco“Frenchman or free man”
FletcherFletch, Letcher, Flet“Arrow-maker”
FerdinandFerdie, Nando, Ferdi“Adventurous; brave journey”
FosterFoss, Fosser, Fore“Forest wood”
FabianFabe, Faby, Fabo“Bean grower”
FelixFel, Feli, Fee“Happy, fortunate”
FinleyFin, Finn, Lee“Fair-haired hero”
ForrestFor, Ress, Forrie“Of the forest, dweller near the forest”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FlorenceFlo, Florrie, Flossie“Blossoming, flourishing”
FriedaFrie, Eda, Friddy“Peaceful ruler”
FrancesFran, Franny, Francie“Frenchwoman or free woman”
FayeFay, Fey, Fae“Fairy or loyalty”
FernFer, Fernie“Fern”
FelicityFliss, Flick, Lissy“Happiness, good fortune”
FleurFleury, Flea“Flower”
FaithFaye, Faithe, Fai“Trust, belief”
FatimaFati, Timi, Tima“One who abstains”
FannyFan, Anny, Fanni“Free”

Classic Baby Names Starting With G

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GeorgeGeo, Georgie, Gino“Farmer”
GeraldGerry, Ger, Jerald“Ruler with the spear”
GilbertGil, Bertie, Gib“Bright pledge”
GeoffreyGeoff, Jeff, Gee“Peaceful place”
GordonGordy, Gordie, Don“Great hill”
GregoryGreg, Greggy, Rory“Watchful, alert”
GideonGid, Deon, Giddy“Hewer, one who cuts down”
GustavGus, Gussie, Tavi“Staff of the Goths”
GuyG, Gui, Gai“Guide, leader”
GregoryGreg, Gregg, Gregor“Vigilant, a watchman”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
GraceGracie, Gray, Graci“God’s favor”
GloriaGlo, Glory, Ria“Glory”
GwendolynGwen, Wendy, Gwendy“White ring”
GertrudeGertie, Trudy, Tru“Spear of strength”
GladysGlady, Gla, Addy“Princess; small sword”
GeorgiaGeorgie, Gia, Geo“Farmer”
GiselleGigi, Elle, Gis“Pledge”
GenevieveGen, Eve, Genny“Tribe woman”
GabrielleGabby, Ella, Brie“God is my strength”
GeraldineGerry, Deena, Dine“Ruler with spear”

Classic Baby Names Starting With H

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HaroldHarry, Hal, Harrie“Army ruler”
HenryHank, Harry, Hen“Estate ruler”
HerbertHerb, Herbie, Bert“Bright army”
HowardHowie, Ward, How“High guardian”
HoraceHorrie, Race, Ace“Man of time”
HubertHugh, Bertie, Hub“Bright heart”
HarveyHarv, Harvie, Vey“Battle worthy”
HugoHugh, Ugo, Hughsie“Mind, intellect”
HamiltonHam, Hammy, Milton“Treeless hill”
HarrisonHarry, Sonny, Harris“Son of Harry”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HarrietHattie, Harry, Etta“Estate ruler”
HazelHaze, Zel, Hazy“The hazelnut tree”
HelenHelene, Helena, Nell“Bright, shining light”
HenriettaEtta, Hettie, Henry“Estate ruler”
HildaHildie, Hildy, Hild“Battle woman”
HilaryHil, Larry, Hila“Cheerful, happy”
HollyHollie, Olly, Hols“Holly tree”
HedwigHedy, Hed, Wigi“War”
HopeHopie, Hops, Pia“Hope”
HonorHon, Nore, Nori“Honor, reputation”

Classic Baby Names Starting With I

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IrvingIrv, Ving, Ervin“Green river, sea friend”
IsaacIke, Zac, Issy“He will laugh”
IvanVan, Ivano, Vano“God is gracious”
IgnatiusIggy, Natius, Natty“Fiery one”
IraI, R, Ra“Watchful”
IsaiahZay, Ziah, Izzie“Yahweh is salvation”
IsraelIzzy, Rael, Isra“He who struggles with God”
IsidoreIzzy, Dory, Sid“Gift of Isis”
ImmanuelManny, Immy, Manuel“God is with us”
IshmaelIsh, Ishy, Mel“God will hear”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
IsabellaBella, Izzy, Isa“God is my oath”
IrisIri, Rissy, Riz“Rainbow”
IvyIvie, Ives, Iva“Ivy plant”
IngridIngie, Grid, Igrid“Beautiful; beloved”
IsoldeIzzy, Sol, Solly“Ice ruler”
IdaIdie, Id, Ada“Industrious one”
IleneIly, Lene, Leney“Light”
ImogeneImmy, Genie, Mo“Maiden, innocent”
IonaIo, Ona, Ina“Purple jewel”
IreneIrena, Rennie, Ree“Peace”

Classic Baby Names Starting With J

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JamesJim, Jimmy, Jamie“Supplanter”
JohnJohnny, Jack, Jon“God is gracious”
JosephJoe, Joey, Jo“He will add”
JacobJake, Jay, Coby“Supplanter”
JuliusJules, Jul, Jur“Youthful, downy”
JasperJazz, Jasp, Jas“Bringer of treasure”
JeremyJer, Jerry, Remy“God will uplift”
JeffersonJeff, Sonny, Jeffy“Son of Jeffery”
JonahJo, Joh, Jonny“Dove”
JustinJust, Jus, Stin“Fair, righteous”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
JaneJanie, Jan, Jay“God is gracious”
JosephineJo, Josie, Fina“God will add”
JuliaJulie, Jules, Lia“Youthful, downy”
JuneJunie, Juno, Jun“Young”
JasmineJas, Jazzy, Minnie“Gift from God”
JudithJudy, Judie, Jodie“Woman from Judea”
JoanJoanie, Jo, Joani“God is gracious”
JacquelineJackie, Jack, Lyn“Supplanter”
JeanJeannie, Jeane, Genie“God is gracious”
JoyJo, Joi, J“Joy, rejoicing”

Classic Baby Names Starting With K

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KennethKen, Kenny, Kent“Handsome”
KevinKev, Vin, Vinnie“Kind, gentle, handsome”
KyleKy, Kye, Kiel“Narrow spit of land”
KeithKeef, Keet, Kief“Wood, forest”
KurtCurt, Kirt, Kurtie“Courteous, polite”
KarlCarl, Karlo, Carlo“Free man”
KieranKier, Kiernan, Kierie“Dark-haired”
KendrickKen, Rick, Ricky“Royal ruler”
KingsleyKing, Kings, Lee“King’s meadow”
KirbyKirb, Bie, Kie“Church settlement”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KatherineKathy, Kate, Katie“Pure”
KimberlyKim, Kimber, Kimmy“From the wood of the royal forest”
KarenKary, Ren, Kari“Pure”
KristineKris, Tina, Kristy“Follower of Christ”
KellyKell, Kells, Ellie“Warrior woman”
KerryKer, Rerry, Kery“Dark-haired”
KaylaKay, Kaylie, Kaela“Keeper of the keys; pure”
KendraKen, Kenny, Kendy“Knowledge; understanding”
KeiraKei, Kira, Kiri“Little dark one”
KirstenKirs, Kirsty, Kirt“Follower of Christ”

Classic Baby Names Starting With L

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LawrenceLarry, Laurie, Lawry“From Laurentum”
LeonardLeo, Lenny, Len“Brave lion”
LouisLou, Louie, Lewis“Famous warrior”
LutherLute, Therry, Lu“Army people”
LionelLio, Nelly, Nel“Young lion”
LeopoldLeo, Poldi, Pol“Bold people”
LesterLes, Lestie, Lest“Fortified place”
LukeLukey, Lukie, Luc“Light giving”
LelandLee, Land, Lel“From the fallow land”
LeslieLes, Lesly, Lez“Garden of holly”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LauraLaurie, Lora, Lari“Bay laurel”
LindaLindy, Lin, Lynda“Beautiful”
LouiseLou, Louie, Lulu“Famous warrior”
LillianLily, Lil, Lila“Lily flower”
LucilleLucy, Lu, Luce“Light”
LydiaLydie, Lyd, Dia“From Lydia”
LeonaLee, Leo, Ona“Lioness”
LeslieLes, Lesly, Lez“Garden of holly”
LoisLo, Loie, Lolo“Superior”
LorettaLora, Lori, Etta“Laurel”

Classic Baby Names Starting With M

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MartinMarty, Mart, Tin“Warlike”
MichaelMike, Mikey, Mick“Who is like God?”
MatthewMatt, Matty, Mattie“Gift of God”
MauriceMo, Moey, Morris“Dark-skinned, Moorish”
MaxwellMax, Wells, Maxie“Great stream”
MalcolmMal, Malc, Colm“Devotee of St. Columba”
MurrayMurr, Ray, Murrey“Sea settlement”
MitchellMitch, Micky, Chell“Who is like God?”
MelvinMel, Vin, Vinny“Council protector”
MarcusMark, Marco, Marc“Warlike”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Baby NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MargaretMaggie, Marge, Rita“Pearl”
MaryMaria, Marie, Mae“Wished-for child; rebellion; sea of bitterness”
MarthaMarta, Patty, Marti“Lady; mistress of the house”
MildredMillie, Milly, Midge“Gentle strength”
MatildaMattie, Tilda, Tilly“Mighty in battle”
MabelMae, Bell, Bella“Lovable”
MarjorieMargie, Jorie, Marge“Pearl”
MyrtleMyrt, Myrtie, Mert“A botanical name—Myrtle was an herb that symbolized love”
MaureenMo, Maura, Reenie“Bitter or wished-for child”
MelanieMel, Lanie, Nellie“Dark, black”

Classic Baby Names Starting With N

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NathanielNate, Nathan, Nat“Gift of God”
NevilleNev, Niv, Nevy“New town”
NicholasNick, Nicky, Nico“People of victory”
NormanNorm, Normie, Man“Man from the north”
NeilNeill, Neal, Niall“Champion” or “cloud”
NelsonNel, Nels, Son“Son of Neil”
NigelNige, Nig, Jel“Champion” or “black”
NorbertBert, Norbie, Bertie“Northern brightness”
NewtonNewt, Noot, Toney“New town”
NoelNoell, Noll, Noley“Christmas”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NancyNan, Nance, Nanny“Grace”
NaomiNao, Mimi, Niomi“Pleasantness”
NatalieNat, Natty, Talie“Birthday of the Lord”
NormaNormie, Norm, Nor“From the north”
NellieNell, Nelly, Elle“Bright, shining one”
NadineNady, Dina, Dee“Hope”
NoreenNor, Reen, Nore“Honor”
NoraNor, Norie, Ra“Light”
NinaNi, Nini, Neen“Little girl”
NoelleNoe, Elle, Noley“Christmas”

Classic Baby Names Starting With O

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OscarOzzy, Oz, Scar“Friend of deer”
OliverOllie, Olly, Liv“Olive tree”
OwenOwie, Win, Wyn“Young warrior”
OrvilleOrv, Ville, Villy“Gold town”
OrenRen, Or, Orin“Laurel or pine tree”
OtisOti, Tis, Ottie“Wealthy”
OrionOry, Rion, Ry“Dawning, son of fire”
OswaldOzzy, Waldo, Ossie“God’s power”
OttoOt, Otty, Ottie“Wealthy”
OlinOli, Lin, Ollie“Holly”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OliviaLiv, Livvy, Ollie“Olive tree”
OpalOpie, Opy, Pal“Jewel”
OpheliaLia, Fifi, Ophy“Help”
OctaviaTavia, Tavi, Octa“Eight”
OdetteDetta, Oddie, Odie“Wealthy”
OliveOllie, Liv, Livy“Olive tree”
OrianaOri, Ana, Ora“Dawn”
OrlaOrly, La, Orlie“Golden princess”
OonaOna, Una, Noona“Lamb”
OdessaDessie, Odi, Dessa“Long journey”

Classic Baby Names Starting With P

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PatrickPat, Paddy, Rick“Nobleman”
PaulPauly, Paulo, Poul“Small”
PeterPete, Petey, Piotr“Rock”
PhilipPhil, Pip, Flip“Lover of horses”
PrestonPres, Prez, Ton“Priest’s town”
PercyPer, Percie, Persy“Pierce valley”
PerryPer, Pery, Peri“Pear tree”
PiercePier, Pi, Piers“Rock”
PiersPi, Pier, Piersy“Rock”
PalmerPal, Mer, Palm“Pilgrim”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PatriciaPat, Patty, Tricia“Noble”
PearlPearlie, Pearly, Pear“Pearl”
PaulinePolly, Paula, Pauli“Small”
PenelopePenny, Nellie, Poppy“Weaver”
PriscillaPris, Cilla, Scilla“Ancient”
PhoebePhebs, Bee, Fee“Bright, pure”
PamelaPam, Pammie, Mel“All honey”
PrudencePrue, Prudy, Dence“Good judgement”
PaigePai, Pagey, Paigey“Page to a lord”
PhilomenaPhil, Mena, Philo“Strongly beloved”

Classic Baby Names Starting With Q

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With Q

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
QuentinQuen, Quint, Tin“The fifth one”
QuincyQuince, Quin, Cy“Estate of the fifth son”
QuinlanQuin, Quilan, Lan“Slender”
QuintonQuint, Ton, Quinto“Queen’s town”
QuillanQuill, Quilan, Lan“Cub”
QuillQuil, Quilly, Lill“Feather”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With Q

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
QueenieQueen, Quen, Nee“Queen”
QuianaQui, Ana, Quia“Soft, silky”
QuintaQuin, Tina, Quinny“Fifth”
QuinbyQuin, By, Quinbie“Estate of the woman”
QuincyQuince, Quin, Cy“Estate of the fifth son”

Classic Baby Names Starting With R

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RobertRob, Bob, Bobby“Bright fame”
RichardRich, Ricky, Dick“Brave ruler”
RaymondRay, Raimond, Mond“Protecting hands”
RogerRog, Rodge, Hodge“Famous spear”
RalphRalf, Rafe, Ra“Wolf counsel”
ReginaldReggie, Reg, Nald“Counsel power”
RudolphRudy, Rolf, Dolph“Famous wolf”
RonaldRon, Ronnie, Nald“Ruler’s counselor”
RobinRob, Robby, Robbie“Bright fame”
RussellRuss, Rusty, Russel“Redhead, fox-colored”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RebeccaBecky, Becca, Reba“To bind”
RachelRach, Rae, Shell“Ewe, sheep”
RoseRosie, Ro, Rosa“Rose, a flower”
RuthRuthie, Ruta, Ru“Companion, friend”
ReginaReggie, Gina, Reg“Queen”
RubyRubie, Ru, Rube“Red gemstone”
RosalindRosa, Lindy, Roz“Tender horse”
RenataRennie, Ren, Nata“Reborn”
RamonaMona, Romy, Moni“Counsel protection”
RobertaBertie, Bobbie, Robyn“Bright fame”

Classic Baby Names Starting With S

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SamuelSam, Sammy“God has heard”
StevenSteve, Stevie“Crown, garland”
StanleyStan, Stu“Near the stony clearing”
ScottScot, Scotty“Gaelic speaker”
SilasNone“Man of the forest”
SebastianSeb, Sebby“Venerable, revered”
SimonSi, Sime“He has heard”
ShermanNone“Shear man”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SarahSara, Sarie, Sallie“Princess”
SusanSue, Susie, Suzie“Lily”
SamanthaSam, Sammie, Sammy“God heard”
SophiaSophie, Sofie“Wisdom”
StellaStell, Estelle“Star”
StephanieSteph, Steffie, Stephie“Crown, garland”
SylviaSylvie, Syl, Via“From the forest”
SandraSandy, Sandie, Saundra“Defender of men”
SelenaLena, Selly, Selene“Moon goddess”
SharonShari, Sherry, Shara“A plain”

Classic Baby Names Starting With T

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With T

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ThomasTom, Tommy, Thom“Twin”
TimothyTim, Timmy, Timo“Honoring God”
TheodoreTheo, Ted, Teddy“Gift of God”
TonyTone, Toni, Tonie“Praiseworthy”
TerryTer, Terrie, Terr“Power of the tribe”
TroyTroi, Troye, Troya“Descendant of foot soldier”
TristanTris, Trystan, Tryst“Tumult, outcry”
TrevorTrev, Tre, Trever“Large village”
TaylorTay, Taye, Tails“Tailor”
TylerTy, Tye, Tiler“Tile maker”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TheresaTerri, Tess, Tessa“Harvester”
TamaraTammy, Tami, Mara“Date palm tree”
TabithaTabby, Tabbie, Tibby“Gazelle”
TrudyTru, Rudy, Trudie“Spear of strength”
TiffanyTiff, Tiffy, Tif“God’s appearance”
ToniTone, Tony, Tonie“Praiseworthy”
TrishaTrish, Tricie, Tria“Noble”
TanyaTani, Tan, Anya“Fairy queen”
TildaTilly, Tildy, Tildie“Battle-mighty”
TinaTinie, Tiny, Tine“Follower of Christ”

Classic Baby Names Starting With U

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With U

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UlyssesNone“Wounded in the thigh”
UriahUri“God is my light”
UrbanNone“From the city”
UgoNone“Mind, heart”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With U

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
UrsulaUrsa, Sula“Little bear”
UnaOona, Unie“One, unity”
UllaUla, Ulli“Will, determination”

Classic Baby Names Starting With V

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VictorVic, Vicky, Tor“Conqueror”
VincentVinny, Vince, Vinnie“Conqueror”
VernonVern, Ronnie, Nonnie“Place of alder trees”
VirgilVirge, Gil, Virgie“Staff bearer”
VanceVan, Vanny, Vancie“Thresher”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VictoriaVicky, Tori, Ria“Victory”
ValerieVal, Vallie, Rie“Strength, health”
VanessaVanna, Nessa, Ness“Butterfly”
VivianViv, Vivi, Vivvie“Alive”
VeraVer, Verie, Ra“Faith”
VioletVi, Lettie, Vio“Purple”
VirginiaGinny, Ginger, Virgie“Maiden”
VeronicaRonnie, Vera, Nicky“True image”
VelmaVel, Elma, Alma“Desired”
ValentinaTina, Val, Lina“Health”

Classic Baby Names Starting With W

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WilliamWill, Bill, Liam“Resolute protection”
WalterWalt, Wally“Army ruler”
WayneNone“Wagon driver”
WesleyWes“Western meadow”
WarrenNone“Park keeper”
WilfredWill, Fred“Desiring peace”
WinstonWin“Joy stone”
WyattNone“Little warrior”
WoodrowWoody“Row of houses by a wood”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
WendyWen, Wendi, Windy“Friend”
WillaWillie, Billie, Wil“Resolute protection”
WinifredWinnie, Freddie, Win“Blessed peacemaking”
WhitneyWhit“White island”
WilmaWill, Willy“Resolute protection”
WandaWandie, Wan, Anda“Wanderer”
WinonaWinnie, Nona, Nonie“Firstborn daughter”
WilhelminaMina, Willy, Helma“Resolute protection”

Classic Baby Names Starting With Y

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YuriYury, Yurik“Farmer”
YvesYve, Ives“Yew wood”
YehudaYehudah, Juda, Yuda“Praise”
YosefYossi, Yosey, Sef“He will add”
YannickYan, Yann, Nick“God is gracious”
YancyYance, Yancie, Yans“Englishman”
YoelYoeli, Yo“God is God”
YaronYari, Ron, Rony“He will sing”
YisraelYiz, Izzy, Rael“Wrestled with God”
YulYule, Yuli“Past the horizon”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YvonneVonnie, Yve, Vonne“Yew wood”
YvetteYve, Ettie, Vettie“Yew wood”
YasminYasmine, Yaz, Mina“Jasmine flower”
YolandaYola, Landa, Ola“Violet flower”

Classic Baby Names Starting With Z

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

Baby Boy NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZacharyZach, Zack, Zac“God remembers”
ZaneZayne, Zain, Zaine“God is gracious”
ZekeEzekiel, Zeek“God strengthens”
ZephyrZeph, Zephy, Zef“West wind”

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

Baby Girl NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ZoeZoey, Zoie, Zoi“Life”
ZaraZarah, Zahra, Zaira“Princess; to blossom”
ZeldaZel, Zelly, Elda“Grey fighting maid”
ZinniaZin, Zinnie, Nia“Zinn’s flower”

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